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Literature and Film

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Professor Ros King: Shakespeare's World

Date and Theme: 24/10/2013 ; Shakespeare's World

Hilary Perkins: Is Shakespeare relevant in the 21st Century?

Date and Theme: 24/10/2013 ; Shakespeare's World

Workshop summary: The aim of this workshop is to show how pertinent and lacking in elitism Shakespeare can be. I will discuss Bernard Levin's piece on the use of Shakespearean phrases in common usage today - showing how the language continues to pervade modern speech. I will then use Kent's insult to Oswald in King Lear as a starting point for students to construct their own insults, using a glossary of Shakespearean words and their modern meanings.

Resources: Teaching Shakespeare ; Shakespeare is still alive (Guardian article);  Simon Estok, 'An Introduction to Shakespeare and Ecocriticism: The Special Cluster,'   Sam Solnick, 'Ecocriticism from Shakespeare to James Lovelock,'

Jenni Buckley: Translating Sonnets

Date and Theme: 24/10/2013 ; Shakespeare's World

Workshop summary:  My workshop will explore Shakespeare's use of the sonnet form and the notion of ‘translation'. I will use three sonnets from Romeo and Juliet, as well as several celebrated sonnets from Shakespeare's sonnet cycle. After a brief introduction regarding the history of the sonnet form, students will be divided into pairs and given a different Shakespearean sonnet. Students will ‘translate' their sonnet into contemporary English. The students can choose whether to use slang, regional dialect, online jargon or whichever mode of English they think to be most appropriate.

Resources: Teaching Shakespeare ; Shakespeare is still alive (Guardian article); English department

Victoria Kearley: Ernesto 'Che' Guevara: Image and meaning

 Date and Theme: 19/11/2013 ; War and Revolution

Workshop summary:  My workshop will look at a series of representations of Argentinean revolutionary Ernesto ‘Che' Guevara in popular culture since his death in 1967 and the way in which they engage with the concept of ‘revolution'. The single image of Che's face is arguably the most reproduced in the history of photography and has been ‘endlessly mutated, transformed and morphed' in terms of its meanings and its relationship to the idea of ‘revolution'. 

The workshop will include a brief biographical introduction to Guevara's role in history, his revolutionary politics and how his image has been used in popular culture followed by an analysis of images, artefacts and film clips with regards to how each representation of Guevara engages with ideas of revolution.

Resources: Victoria Kearley ; BBC feature ; Chevolution ; Film Trailer


Christina Wilkins: Cultural Representation in Literature

 Date and Theme: 10/02/2014 ; The Holocaust

Workshop summary: My PhD focuses on a variety of topics - religion, cultural trauma, identity, contemporary fiction and 9/11. This workshop will focus on cultural representation and cultural trauma through literature created during the Second World War.


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