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Keynote Lecture: Denis McManus - Varieties of Anarchism

Date and Theme: 02/10/2014 ; Anarchy and Revolution

Lecture Summary: Anarchism has taken many different forms over the centuries but this talk will look at one way in which modern anarchists can be seen as falling into two broad camps: individualistic and communal anarchists. While sharing some views about what is wrong with the state, these different camps base their alternative visions of life without a state on different conceptions of human flourishing. They also have different resources available to them when it comes to trying to meet the objections that come their way. For example, what are we going to do about that ‘anti-social’ individual who doesn’t want to play by our anarchist 'rules' …?

David Woods: Revolutionary Thought

Date and Theme: 19/11/2013 ; War and Revolution

Workshop Summary: My workshop will focus on the history of revolutionary thought. I will ask students to discuss:  ‘What can a revolution solve? What (or who) creates a revolution?', ‘What does a revolution change?', ‘Can a revolution be controlled?' What happens if an expected revolution never comes?' These can be answered by introducing some philosophers and their thoughts.

Resources: The World according to MarxCritical Theory ; Discourse on Inequality







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