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Exchange partners

The University of Southampton greatly values its exchange links with some of the world’s highest ranked universities. Every year our University welcomes around 450 students from our partner institutions who take part in study exchanges and work placements and we are pleased to send out many University of Southampton students on exchange placements.

All our exchange partners have been listed in the discipline and country tabs below.

Partnerships and initiatives

Use our interactive map to find out how we are working with partner organisations all over the world, including business, industry and other universities.

Find out more

If you have any questions about our exchange partners or about how to apply as an exchange student, you can contact the Study Abroad and Exchange team.

Exchange partners by discipline

How to find an exchange institution

Exchange partnerships are agreements between the University of Southampton and a partner university. The agreement may apply to a specific academic subject, to an entire faculty, or to the whole University. Exchange partner universities available to students studying any academic discipline are detailed under the University-wide Programmes.

For each subject in each institution, we have indicated who is eligible to apply for an exchange. We have used the following abbreviations:

UG: Undergraduate - PGT: Taught postgraduate - PGR: Research postgraduate - PhD: PhD Students - S: Staff

The language/s of instruction is shown beside the universities name, for example: English (EN), French (FR), Spanish (ES), Italian (IT), German (DE), Dutch (NL).


Please be advised: There are some degree programs which do not allow for a period of exchange. If you are unsure whether or not your course allows for an exchange, please contact your exchange coordinator.

University-wide programmes for all academic disciplines

Business and Law

Discipline-Wide Partners



Winchester School of Art

Discipline-Wide Partners

Japan - The University of Tokyo (UG) (EN) 

Fashion Marketing/Management

Fashion and Textile Design

Graphic Arts

Games Design

Fine Art



Discipline-Wide Partners

Civil Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Ship Science

Acoustical Engineering (ISVR)

Health Sciences



Occupational Therapy


Faculty-Wide Partners



Film Studies


Modern Languages




Ocean, Earth and Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Ocean and Earth Science

Electronics and Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy

Electronics and Computer Science

Physics and Astronomy

Education, Economic, Social & Political Science and Mathematics

Discipline-wide partners


Mathematical Sciences

Social Sciences (Inclusive of Sociology, Social Policy, Criminology, Economics and Politics)



Social Statistics

S3RI (Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute)

Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Exchange partners by country

How to find an exchange institution 

Exchange partnerships are agreements between the University of Southampton and a partner university. The agreement may apply to a specific academic subject, to an entire faculty, or to the whole University. Exchange partner universities available to students studying any academic discipline are detailed under the University-wide Programmes. 

For each subject in each institution, we have indicated who is eligible to apply for an exchange. We have used the following abbreviations: 

UG: Undergraduate - PGT: Taught postgraduate - PGR: Research postgraduate - PhD: PhD Students - S: Staff



All countries, in alphabetical order



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Sydney

 University-wide (OES - marine biology only)

 UG PGT    
 University of Western Australia

 University-wide (OES - not geophysics)

 University of Adelaide  University-wide  UG PGT PGR  
 James Cook University  University-wide  UG      
 University of New South Wales  University-wide  UG      
 University of Tasmania  Biological Sciences  UG      
 Deakin University  Biological Sciences  UG      

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AUSTRIA (Erasmus) 

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Vienna  Law  UG      
   Modern Languages  UG      S
   Philosophy  UG  PGT  PGR  
   Physics    PGT  PGR  S
 Vienna University of Economics and Business  Business  UG      S


BELGIUM (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Katholieke Universitet Leuven  Law  UG      S
   Chemistry      PGR  S
   Astronomy    PGT    
 Universite de Mons  Modern Languages  UG      
 Universite Liege  Mathematics  UG      
 Universite Notre Dame de la Paix (Naumur)  Business  UG  PGT (out only)    
 Universite Libre de Bruxelles  Electronics and Computer Science    PGT  PGR  
 APH Antwerp  Advertising Design Management       S

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Sao Paulo   Social Sciences  UG      
 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Florianapolis)  Modern Languages   UG      
 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais  Modern Languages   UG      

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 BULGARIA (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Sofia  Business      PGR  S
   Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute        S
Trakia University  Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute        S
   Public Health        S



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Ontario College of Art and Design  Fine Art  UG      
   Fashion and Textile Design  UG      
 Ryerson University  Fashion Marketing/Management  UG      
 University of Guelph  Economics  UG      
   Faculty-wide for Humanities        
 University of Ottawa  Faculty-wide for Humanities  UG      
 University of Western Ontario  Geography  UG      
   Social Sciences  UG      
   Psychology  UG      
Dalhousie University  Law  UG      

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Pontifica Universidad Católica, Santiago  Modern Languages  UG      
 Universidad de Concepción  Modern Languages  UG      

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Capital University of Economics and Business   Social Sciences  UG (incoming students only)
 Nanjing University  Modern Languages  UG
 Xiamen University  Economics  UG
 Zhejiang University   Social Sciences   PGR

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin  Modern Languages  UG



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CROATIA (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 The University of Zagreb  History  UG  PGT  PGR  S

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Brno University of Technology  Fine Art  UG      
   Games Design  UG      
 Charles University  Humanities  UG  PG    S
   Social Sciences  UG  PG    
   Music  UG      
 Masaryk University, Brno  Politics  UG  PGT    

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CYPRUS (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Cyprus   Archaeology  UG      PGT  PGR  S  


Université Grenoble AlpesDENMARK (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Copenhagen  Politics  UG  PGT  PGR  S
   Psychology  UG    PGR  
   Computer Science    PGT  PGR  S
 VIA University College, Aarhus  Nursing  UG      S
 TEKO, Via University College  Fashion Marketing, Fashion and Textile  UG      S
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby  Ship Science  UG      S


FINLAND (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences  Fashion/Textile  UG      S
 University of Turku  Psychology  UG    PGR  S

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FRANCE (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 CUFR, Albi  Modern Languages  UG  PGT    S  
 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris  Fine Art  UG        
 Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Ingenieurs de Mans (Le Mans)  Acoustical Engineering (ISVR)    PGT      
 EIVP - Ecole Superieure du Genie Urbain  Civil Engineering  UG    PGR  S  
EM Strasbourg Business School Business UG        
 ENSAI (Rennes)  Biostatistics        S  
 ENSCI  Fashion/Textile  UG      S  
 ENSICA/SUPAERO (Toulouse)  Aerospace Engineering    PGT      
 ESTACA  Aerospace Engineering  UG  PGT      
 Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble  Electronics and Computer Science  UG  PGT      
 Science Po Lille Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Lille  Modern Languages  UG        
 Toulouse Business School  Business  UG        
 University of Bordeaux (College of Sciences and Technologies)  Ocean and Earth Science (oceanography)  UG      S  
   Archaeology  UG      S  
   Chemistry   PGT      
 Universite Catholique de l'Ouest (Angers)  Modern Languages  UG  PGT    S  
 Universite de Caen Normandie  History  UG  PGT  PGR  S  
   Chemistry       S  
 Universite de Franche-Comte (Besancon)  Modern Languages  UG        
 Universite de Nantes  Electronics and Computer Science  UG      S  
 Universite de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)  History  UG      S  
   Music  UG  PGT  PGR  S  
 Universite Paris Diderot  Mathematics  UG        
 Aix-Marseille Université  Modern Languages  UG        
Universite de Poitiers Modern Languages UG        
 Universite de Rouen  Geography  UG  PGT  PGR  S  
   Chemistry       S  
 Universite de Strasbourg  Modern Languages  UG        
   Business  UG        
 Université Grenoble Alpes  Modern Languages & Linguistics  UG     S  
 Universite Lille 1  Mathematics  UG        
 Universite Lumiere - Lyon II  Law  UG      S  
   Modern Languages  UG      S  
 Universite Paris 8  Modern Languages  UG        
 Universite Paris Descartes  Psychology  UG        
 Universite Paris Didero  Mathematics  UG      S  
 Universite Paris-Sud11  Law  UG        
 Universite de Rennes 2  History  UG      S  
   Modern Languages  UG        
 Ecole Centrale de Lyon  Civil Engineering  UG      S  
Universite Toulouse Jean-Jaures  Modern Languages  UG      S  
  History UG PGT   S  


GERMANY (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Fachhochschule Koln Modern Languages  UG      S
 University of Berlin Chemistry      PGR  
 Humboldt University of Berlin Business       S
  Philosophy     PGR S
 University of Frankfurt  English  UG      S
   Modern Languages  UG      
   Business  UG      
   Politics  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee  Graphic Art, Fashion&Textile Design  UG      S
 Philipps-Universitat Marburg  Modern Languages  UG      
   Economics UG      
 University of Bonn  Geography  UG      S
 Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design  Fine Art  UG      S
 Technische Universitat Munchen  Business  UG      S
 Universitat Bayreuth  History  UG  PGT    
   Modern Languages  UG      S
   Music  UG      
 Universitat Bremen  Ocean and Earth Science (marine biology, oceanography)  UG  PGT  PGR  
 Universitat Freiburg  Modern Languages  UG      
   Politics  UG  PGT    
University of Gottingen Philosophy UG      
 Universitat Hamburg  Chemistry  UG      
   Education  UG  PGT    S
   Geography  UG      
   Mathematics  UG  PGT    
   Modern Languages  UG      
   Philosophy  UG      
   Politics    PGT  PGR  
   Psychology  UG      
 Universitat Hamburg-Harburg  Ship Science  UG      
 Universitat Karlsruhe  Electronics and Computer Science  UG  PGT    S
 Universitat Potsdam  Modern Languages  UG      S
   History  UG      
   Psychology  UG      S
 Universitat Trier  Mathematics  UG      
   Social Statistics    PGT  PGR  
 Universitat Tubingen  Modern Languages  UG      
 University of Heidelberg  Psychology  UG  PGT  PGR  

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GREECE (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Crete  Archaeology  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 University of Athens  Law  UG      
 University of Thessaly  Archaeology  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 AUEB, Athens  Business  UG      S



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Chinese University of Hong Kong  University-wide  UG      
 Hong Kong Polytechnic University  Chemistry  UG      
   Modern Languages  UG      
   Fashion Marketing/Management  UG      
   Fashion and Textile Design  UG      
 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology  Civil and Environmental Engineering  UG      
   Physics and Astronomy  UG      
 Lingnan University  Faculty-wide for Humanities        
 University of Hong Kong  Law  UG      
   Business  UG      
   Art  UG      
   Humanities  UG      
   Education  UG      
   Geography  UG      
   Mathematics  UG      
   Psychology  UG      
   Social Sciences  UG      

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ICELAND (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Iceland Politics  UG  PGT    S

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IRELAND (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
University College Cork Music UG      
 National University of Ireland, Galway  Film Studies  UG      S
 National University of Ireland, Maynooth


 UG      S
   Sociology, Social Policy, Criminology and Politics UG      
   Humanities  UG PGT PGR S
 University of Limerick  Psychology  UG  PGT  PGR  S

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ITALY (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Universita Ca' Foscari Venezia  Chemistry      PGR  S
   Music  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan)  Business  UG      
 Universita di Roma La Sapienza  Social Statistics  UG    PGR  S
   Economics  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Universita degli studi di Bologna  Civil Engineering  UG  PGT    S
   Law  UG      S
 Universita degli Studi di Napoli Federico II  Civil Engineering  UG  PGT    
 Universita degli studi di Padova  Electronics and Computer Sciences  UG  PGT  PGR  
   Modern Languages  UG      S
 Universita degli studi di Pisa  Electronics and Computer Science    PGT  PGR  S
 University of Salerno  Electronics and Computer Sciences  UG  PG  PHD  S
 University of Verona  Economics      PGR  S
 University of Torino  Chemistry      PGR  
   Modern Languages UG      
 University of Pavia  Music UG    PGR  
 University of Genoa  Ship Science    PGT  PGR  S
 Politecnico di Milano  Aerospace    PGT  PGR  



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Doshisha University  Humanities  UG      
 Kyoto University  Engineering, Humanities,Business, Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences  UG      
 Keio University  Humanities  UG      
 Tokyo Institute of Technology  Electronics and Computer Science    PGT  PGR  
   Fashion and Textile Design  UG      
University of Tokyo  University Wide        



MALTA (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Malta  Archaeology  UG  PGT    S
   Law  UG      
   Ship Science  UG  PGT    S

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Autonomous University of the State of Mexico  Modern Languages   UG      
 Universidad Del Caribe  Modern Languages  UG      
Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico  Modern Languages  UG      



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Amsterdam Fashion Institute  Fashion Marketing  UG      S
 Delft University of Technology  Ship Science    PGT  PGR  
   Aerospace Engineering  UG  PGT    
   Mechanical Engineering  UG      
 Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen  English  UG      
 Rijksuniversiteit Groningen  Archaeology  UG  PGT  PGR  S
   Economics  UG      
   Geography  UG  PGT  PGR  S
   Faculty-wide for Humanities  UG      
   Psychology  UG      
 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven  Electronic and Computer Science    PGT  PGR  
 Universiteit Utrecht  Geography  UG  PGT    
   Psychology  UG  PGT    S
   Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology  UG  PGT    
   Ocean and Earth Science (geology, geophysics)  UG      
 Universiteit van Amsterdam  Psychology    PGT    



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
University of Canterbury  Mechanical Engineering   UG      
University of Auckland  Biological Sciences  UG      
University of Victoria - Wellington University Wide UG      

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NORWAY (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Bergen  History  UG      S
   Philosophy  UG      S
   Music  UG PGT    S
   Law  UG      S
   Mathematics  UG      
   Economics  UG      S
   Ocean and Earth Science (geology, geophysics, marine biology (also at Svalbard), oceanography,  UG      
   Politics  UG      
   Graphic Art  UG      S
 University of Oslo  Law  UG  PGT    S
 Norwegian University of Science and Technology  Ship Science  UG      


POLAND (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin  Fine Art  UG      S
 Technical University of Zielona Gora  Electronics and Computer Science  UG      S
 Warsaw University of Technology  Electronics and Computer Science    PGT  PGR  S
 University of Warsaw  Politics  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Uniwersytet Wroclawski  Archaeology  UG      
   History  UG  PGT    S
   Psychology  UG      

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PORTUGAL (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Universidade de Aveiro  Physiotherapy  UG      S
 Universidade de Coimbra  Modern Languages  UG      S
 Universidade do Minho (Braga)  Modern Languages  UG      S
 Universidade de Nova de Lisboa-Reitoria (Lisbon)  Modern Languages  UG  PGT    S
   Music UG PGT    S
 Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa  Fashion/Textile  UG      S
 Universidade de Porto  Modern Languages  UG      S



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Nanyang Technological University  Chemistry  UG      
 National University of Singapore  Electronics and Computer Science  UG      
 Singapore Management University  Law  UG      
   Business  UG      

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SLOVAKIA (Erasmus)

Institution Subject Who's eligible  
Comenius University in Bratislava Business  UG PGT

SLOVENIA (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Ljubljana Fine Art  UG      S
  Fashion and Textile   UG      

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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  University-wide   UG      
 Dongguk University  Film Studies  UG      
 Seoul National University  Fine Art  UG      
   Humanities  UG      
 Pusan National University Law        
 Korea University of Business School (KUBS) Business BBA MSC    

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SPAIN (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Alicante  Modern Languages  UG      S
 BAU, Escole Superior de Disseny  Fashion/Textile  UG      S
 ELISAVA, Universitat Pompeu Fabra  Graphic Design  UG      S
 Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona  Archaeology  UG      S
   Business  UG      S
   Economics  UG      
 Universidad Complutense de Madrid  Psychology  UG      
   Music  UG  PGT  PGR  S
   Modern Languages  UG      
   Mathematics  UG      
 Universidad de Alcala  Modern Languages  UG      
 Universidad de Barcelona  English  UG      S
 Universidad de Granada  Modern Languages  UG      S
   Law UG      
 University of Las Palmas  Ocean and Earth Science (marine biology, oceanography)  UG      S
 Universidad de Malaga  Modern Languages  UG      
   Mathematics  UG      
 Universidad de Oviedo  Chemistry      PGR  S
   Modern Languages  UG      S
 Universidad de Salamanca  Modern Languages  UG      
University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Valencia Advertising Design Management  UG      S
 Universidad de Zaragoza  Business  UG      S
   Modern Languages  UG      S
   Physics  UG      S
 Universidad Politecnica de Valencia  Art  UG      S
   Fine Art  UG      S
 Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)  Modern Languages  UG      
 Universidad Santiago de Compostela  Mathematics  UG      
   Modern Languages  UG      S
 Universitat Jaume 1 de Castellon  Modern Languages  UG      S
 University of the Balearic Islands  Business  UG      S
   Economics  UG     S

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SWEDEN (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 University of Boras  Fashion/Textile  UG      
 Goteborg Universitet

 Ocean and Earth Science (Marine Biology)

 UG  PGT    S

 Biological Sciences

 Kungliga Tekniska Hogskilan (KTH)  Ship Science  UG      
 Linkopings Universitet  Mechanical Engineering  UG      S
 Lund University  Film  UG      S
   Occupational Therapy  UG      S
 University of Stockholm  Law  UG      
   Politics  UG  PGT incoming  PGR outgoing  
 University of Uppsala  Mathematics  UG  PG    S


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InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
FHNW Academy of Art and Design (University of Basel) Graphic Art UG      
  Visual Communication UG      
 Universite de Bern  Fine Art  UG      S
   Graphic Art  UG      S
 Universite de Fribourg  Law  UG      
   Modern Languages     PGT    
 Universite de Geneve  Modern Languages  UG      
   Politics  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Universite de Lausanne  English  UG      
 University of Zurich  Philosophy  UG    PGR  
 Universita della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano  Business  UG  PGT    S



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 National Taiwan University  Humanities  UG  PGT*    
 National Chiao Tung University  Electronics and Computer Science  UG      

*PGT is only available for Music

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TURKEY (Erasmus)

InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Ege University  Statistics        S
 Gebze University of Technology  Chemistry      PGR  S
 Hacettepe University, Ankara  Fine Art    PGT    S
 Istanbul Teknik Universitesi  Ship Science    PGT  PGR  S
 Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi  Graphic Design        S
 Middle East Technical University (METU)  Mathematics  UG      
 Dokuz Eylul Universitesi
 Geology      PGR  S
 Yasar Universitesi  Music  UG  PGT  PGR  S
 Sabanci Universitesi  Graphic Design        S



InstitutionSubjectWho's eligible
 Fashion Institute of Technology  Art  UG      
   Fashion and Textile Design  UG      
 Humboldt State University

 Humanities and Ocean and Earth Science

(OES - marine biology and oceanography)

 University of Miami  Ocean and Earth Science (marine biology, oceanography)  UG      
 University of North Carolina, Wilmington  Ocean and Earth Science (marine biology)  UG      
 Penn State University  Engineering Sciences  UG      
   Ocean and Earth Science (geology, geophysics)  UG      
 University of Washington  Ocean and Earth Science (oceanography)  UG      
 Webb Institute  Ship Science  UG      
 Purdue University  Engineering  UG      
 Catholic University of America (CUA)  Humanities  UG      
 Whittier College  Faculty-wide for Humanities  UG      
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