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Fees and funding for study abroad and exchange

Find out about grants and scholarships you could apply for if you choose to spend some time on exchange or working abroad as part of your degree programme; and the tuition fees you will pay.

Tuition fees for incoming studentsTuition fees for outgoing studentsFunding and scholarships for outgoing students

Tuition fees for incoming students

Depending on your student status the tuition fees you will need to pay to the University of Southampton will vary.

Study Abroad fee-paying students

Study Abroad students will pay tuition fees to the University of Southampton with a discount of 5%, if there is no special agreement for tuitions fees with the sending institution.

If you are a student from an EU country you will pay UK/EU tuition fees

If you are a student from a Non EU country you will pay international tuition fees

Exchange students

Incoming exchange students from one of our European or Non European partners do not pay tuition fees at the University of Southampton.

Visiting research students

If you are interested in visiting as a research student, please visit the Doctoral College website

Apply as an incoming student

Tuition fees for outgoing students

If you are doing a placement overseas as part of your degree you will still need to pay tuition fees for that year to the University of Southampton. The amount will vary depending on the length of your placement. 

If you are selected to study abroad at one of our exchange partners you will not pay tuition fees to the exchange institution.

Tuition fees loans will be available to eligible students to cover these costs.

One semester exchange or work placement

If you are working or studying abroad for part of a year (eg one semester or less) you will pay your normal tuition fees to the University of Southampton for that year.

Full year exchange

UK/EU/International Tuition Fees Conditions
UK/EU students 15%

- you go on exchange as part of your degree programme

- you pay (UK/EU) tuition fees and are eligible for student support from the UK government ie a tuition fee loan

International students 50%(Humanities 40%)

- you study abroad as part of your degree programme

- you pay international tuition fees

Full year work placements


Location of placement UK/EU/International Tuition fees Conditions

In Europe (outside the UK)

UK/EU students 20%(Humanities 15%)

- you go on Work Placement as part of your degree programme

- you are studying a Year in Employment programme

- you go on a placement year

- you pay home (UK/EU) tuition fees and are eligible for student support from the UK government ie a tuition fee loan

Outside Europe UK/EU students

20%(Humanities 15%) 

- you go on Work Placement as part of your degree programme

- you are studying a Year in Employment programme

- you go on a placement year

- you pay home (UK/EU) tuition fees and are eligible for student support from the UK government ie a tuition fee loan

Anywhere in the world International students 20%

- you are studying a Year in Employment programme

- you pay international tuition fees

Anywhere in the world International students 20%

- you go on Work Placement as part of your degree programme

- you go on a placement year

- you pay international tuition fees

Apply as an outgoing student

Funding for outgoing students

As part of your placement overseas you might be eligible for financial support from student loan companies and the University of Southampton.

Student loans and local education authority funding

Students who take part in an exchange are still entitled to student loans and local education authority funding. You may have to complete a course abroad form in order to prove that you are taking the exchange as a part of your degree programme.

Means-tested students may also be eligible for travel grants. More information on Student Finance

University of Southampton bursary

Students will not be eligible for the Bursary when undertaking a full year of study or work placement either within the UK or overseas.

The Southampton Scholarship

The Southampton Scholarship will be applicable to students  who have been selected to undertake a period of exchange at a Non-European Partner. The aim of the scholarships is to help students fund their exchange, in a similar way to the European Commission’s Erasmus+ grant for students on the European Erasmus+ exchange programme. Students who are selected will be eligible for a scholarship of at least £500. In return, we ask that students assist in outgoing promotional activities on return and write regular blogs about their experience.

This Scholarship is also available to students undertaking a summer school programme listed on our website. The amount of the scholarship for summer schools is £500.

How to apply

Students who are selected to go exchange as part of their degree will automatically be contacted by the Study Abroad and Exchange Team and they will be invited to apply.

Students who take part in one of the summer programmes listed on our site will need to contact the Study Abroad and Exchange team on and they will be invited to apply.

Erasmus+ grant

What is an Erasmus+ Grant and how do I apply?

Students who participate in the Erasmus+ scheme can benefit from an EU-funded grant. It is not intended to be a maintenance grant but rather a contribution towards the extra costs associated with studying abroad. This funding is available to students of all nationalities. 

If you have been approved to participate in an Erasmus+ Study/Work Placement you will automatically qualify for an Erasmus+ grant and details of this will be sent to you as part of the application process.

You do not need to apply separately for the Erasmus+ grant or provide any financial information as the grant is not means-tested. The International Office will calculate your grant for you once you have given them the dates of your placement. You will be sent an Erasmus Grant Agreement confirming the amount of your grant and conditions of participation.

You must:

  • satisfy the study or work requirements as agreed with your tutor
  • complete the full length of your exchange
  • complete all the associated documentation within the timescales

If you return early or you contravene any of the clauses on your student mobility contract, such as not completing the required documentation, you will probably have to return all of the grant, depending on your circumstances.

How much is the Erasmus+ grant?

The amount of the grants vary between 250 and 400 Euros depending on the host country and type of placement study or work. For up to date information please contact our team at

Widening Participation Allowance

In addition to the above grant, students on study placements only from a household with an annual income of less than £25,000 per annum will qualify for an additional monthly allowance of 100 Euros.

Erasmus+ funding for special needs

Students who indicate on their forms that they would like to apply for this funding will be sent an application form. Funding applications are considered by the British Council on an individual basis.

External scholarships for outgoing students

The University of Southampton promotes scholarships on behalf of external stakeholders and partner universities. If you are interested in any of the scholarships below, please apply independently.

Please notify the Study Abroad and Exchange team at, if your application to one of these scholarships is successful. 

British Council Scholarships for Excellence (Hong Kong)

The British Council Scholarship for Excellence is offered by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills and is worth up to £3,000 to students studying in Hong Kong.

In 2015/2016 our student Nicholas Salway, who studied a full year exchange at the University of Hong Kong, was awarded with this Scholarship: ''The British Council’s Scholarship for Excellence has given me the opportunity to truly get the most of my experience whilst on my year abroad. The process of applying was a simple one. It consisted of filling out a few hundred-word paragraphs, along with personal details, followed by a Skype interview with members of the British Council scholarship team. If you are studying on an exchange in Hong Kong next year I cannot recommend it enough!''

BUNAC Educational Scholarship Trust (BEST) Scholarships

The BEST scholarships are open to UK passport holders who are currently, or have been within the last five years inclusive, in full-time tertiary education at a UK university or college and who are planning to undertake postgraduate study in either the USA or Canada. Up to eight scholarships are awarded each year from a fund of $50,000.

BUTEX Scholarships

The Butex Scholarship provides a scholarship of £500 to any student going on a Non-European exchange.

British Council China Scholarship

The British Council is offering generous scholarships to students undertaking an exchange in China

Canon Foundation- Research Fellowships

Supporting researchers for more than 25 years, Canon Foundation Research Fellowships are open to Europeans and Japanese nationals. Europeans must want to do their research in Japan and Japanese must want to do their research in Europe. 

Together with the European University Institute, San Fiesole, Italy, the Canon Foundation jointly awards one co-sponsored Canon Foundation Research Fellowship annually for post-doctoral research at the EUI. This Fellowship is open to candidates of Japanese nationality or permanent residents of Japan. The annual deadline for applications is 15 September and applicants can apply either via the Canon Foundation or the European University website.

More information about the Canon Foundation Fellowships

DAAD - Study in Germany Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. The DAAD currently provides financial support to more than 74,000 individuals every year by offering funding to students, researchers and academics worldwide. The DAAD also actively promotes Germany as an international study and research destination, and, last but not least, plays a major role in promoting the German language at higher education level worldwide.

Please note that we provide funding for students and academics in the UK and Ireland to study and carry out research in Germany. If you are an applicant from Germany and looking for funding to study / carry out research in the UK or Ireland, you need to go via DAAD head office in Germany.

Find out more about DAAD Study in Germany Scholarships

"Dream NEW" scholarship

The “Dream NEW” scholarship is for students from Europe to undertake a semester of undergraduate study in New Zealand. This scholarship has been designed for European students who dream big, crave adventure and set their sights on new horizons. It is for those wanting to realise their vision in the forward-thinking education climate of New Zealand – a country where innovation flourishes, and where people from all over the world come together to follow their dreams. A New Zealand education encourages you to be open minded, creative and to dream NEW.

The value of each scholarship varies - up to NZD$ 12,500(approx. 7,500 €).

DUO-Korean Fellowship

The Duo - Korea Fellowships are awarded by Korean institution to EU students who are selected to undertake a period of exchange at a Korean educational institution. There are no restrictions in using the fellowship. It can finance the tuition, and living or travel expenses.

DUO - Singapore

The Asia-Europe Meeting's (ASEM) DUO Fellowship Fund aims to promote student exchanges between European and Asian ASEM member countries. Under this fund, the DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship is awarded by the Singapore Government to Singapore and ASEAN students studying in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Management University (SMU). The Award is also open to students from European ASEM countries (who come from universities with fee waiver arrangements with NTU, NUS and SMU. 


Frank Knox Fellowships

Frank Knox Fellowships were established in 1945 by Mrs Annie Reid Knox as the Frank Knox Memorial to enable students from the UK, along with those from Australia, Canada and New Zealand, to undertake graduate study at Harvard University.

Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship - University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is awarding one Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship to the value of AU$2000 each semester. Eligible students must be from a partner university in the EU and be accepted as a study abroad or exchange student at the University of Western Australia. Students who accept a place at UWA will be sent a link to the online application by UWA.

Find out more about the Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship

In 2016/2017 our Frazer Loveman, who studied a full year exchange at the University of Western Australia, was awarded with this Scholarship:

''The process of actually getting a scholarship was surprisingly straightforward. In my case, my host University’s international office sent an email informing is that applications were open for any EU student studying at UWA in the first semester of 2017. It was then just a case of filling out the form, which was mostly box-ticking but also two questions where you had to actually write out full-length answers: one about your extra-curricular activities at university and the other on how you would benefit from the scholarship. This does mean a little bit of self-aggrandisement is required.

After that I just submitted the form thinking nothing of it and was pleasantly surprised when an email came through just over two months later informing me I had been successful. Then it was just a case of waiting for the Premier’s Office in WA to send through the cheque (which felt a little antiquated), but this would not be the case with a scholarship coming directly from a university.

In summary, I’d advise any student studying abroad to apply for a scholarship if possible. Obviously, I was fortunate in not having to do any research, but most institutions have a part of their website which will tell you if any scholarships or bursaries are available. If they are, go for it, there is really no harm in trying!.''

Global Graduates - money advice

Read the Global Graduates section on money advice to find out more about how past students budgeted before their placement, how they managed their money abroad and what other external scholarships might be available to help you fund your placement overseas.

HolidayLettings Study Abroad Scholarship

At HolidayLettings, they think travel is the best way to learn about the world.

In that spirit, they’re awarding one student a £500 scholarship towards studying abroad. The winning student can put the money towards tuition fees, accommodation or travel costs to make their trip abroad that bit easier and even more rewarding.

Find out more about HolidayLettings Study Abroad Scholarship.

JASSO Scholarships

The JASSO scholarships are generous scholarships for students going to study in Japan. Applications can only be made once students are officially nominated to study at a participating Japanese institution. 

Kennedy Scholarships

The Kennedy Scholarship is an academic award for study at two of the world's finest universities - Harvard and MIT. It can be used to fund a wide variety of programmes at MIT and across all the graduate schools within Harvard - from PhD to LLM, from MPH to MArch.   It can also fund a Special Studentship for those wanting a general programme of non-degree study.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Student Mobility Fellowship

Up to two students from the University of Southampton are eligible for a $1,000 USD scholarship from KAIST each year. To be eligible, students must be nominated by their home Faculty to the University of Southampton International Office. 

For more information, please email us at

This scholarship is subject to yearly review.

Singaporean DUO Scholarship

If you are nominated to attend National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University or Singapore Management University you are eligible for the DUO scholarship. You must apply through your respective institution and be aware of the early application deadline in March.

This scholarship is subject to yearly review.

The Chinese Government Scholarship Programme

The Chinese Government Scholarship Programme - The general scholarship programme is for EU (including UK) students who have done at least two years of undergraduate study and are studying in China for up to one year. Please contact us at to find out more.

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