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The University of Southampton

Nan Liu MA Global Advertising and Branding, China

Winchester School of Art Global Talent Scholarship

Nan Liu's Photo

I think what I am most proud of is that I stepped out of my comfort zone and came to an environment that is different from China in language, culture and rules in many aspects, which allowed me to start over, realise the diversity of the world and greatly expand my horizons and cognition. This will benefit me for life.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Southampton? 

The University of Southampton has a high reputation all over the world. When I was in China, I already knew the faculty and teaching strength of the University of Southampton. Therefore, I believe that studying at Southampton University can greatly increase my knowledge, professional knowledge, and ability. 

What do you enjoy the most about living in Southampton or Winchester? 

I like the atmosphere of students on campus. In addition to classes, there are libraries, gymnasiums, and colourful student activities in universities. So that I can comprehensively improve my ability. 

Have you undertaken any work placements, collaborations with industry, internships, or volunteering? How has this enhanced your experience?  

I have participated in many internships in the past. When I was an undergraduate in China, I had more than ten internship experiences such as advertising strategy of Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Company, IR of CE Innovation Capital, advertising sales management of Xiaohongshu Company, product operation of Tencent Company and business leadership intern of GE Medical Company. At the same time, I had pioneering experience, mainly providing job-seeking counseling, resume revision, document optimisation and other services to job seekers. During this period, I served more than 200 customers and earned more than 30,000 RMB. Feeling the workplace environment in advance can make me think about what kind of life I want in the future, and also provide me with more confidence and capital for thinking about more choices in life.

Have you undertaken any extracurricular activities? How have they enhanced your experience?

During my postgraduate study in Southampton, I also participated in the publicity meeting organised by the school and the recruitment publicity meeting in autumn, which greatly enriched my knowledge in other aspects besides my professional knowledge.

What do you think you have gained from your degree that you wouldn’t have developed without it?

I think my degree has brought me great ability to endorse, which shows the affirmation and recognition of my ability by the school and this degree. With this, I can show my ability to the outside world with confidence.

What has been the hardest aspect of studying in another country? How has the University helped you overcome the challenges?

I have to learn to take care of myself in a foreign country, for example, I can't cook at all; Besides, the teaching in pure English and the thesis in pure English also make me completely unaccustomed. Fortunately, our school assigned us a personal tutor, and the personal tutor gave me great help in my study. The good friends I made in school can also help me solve my cooking troubles.

How have the people you have met at Southampton changed your life?

The friends I made in Southampton came from all over the world. Through talking with them, I greatly enriched my cognition and broadened my horizons, which is very important to me and will benefit me for life.

What will you do with your degree after you have finished your studies?

After I finish my studies, I plan to find a job all over the world. I hope to find my ideal job all over the world with my knowledge and ability.

Can you sum up your University of Southampton experience in three words?

Incredible, challenging, and exploratory

How has the funding enhanced your experience as a student at the University of Southampton?

With this fund, I am encouraged to explore more possibilities in my future career development. For example, I have conducted many networking sessions with our graduates who work in London. Let me know the real employment situation of this major, and keep up with his work changes and progress, so as to provide reference for my direction and planning after graduation.

What advice do you have for future applicants who may wish to apply for this scholarship or bursary?

We should master the ability to actively mining information and browse more information about official websites in schools to reduce the information gap. Then capture the key elements of information, such as selection criteria, and then judge whether the funds meet the selection criteria. If yes, fill in the application materials as soon as possible and submit them as soon as possible. To ensure that you maximize the opportunity and quota. 

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