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Photo of Eyad Al Khayat

I challenged my self to take a difficult course and was able to pass it! The course pushed me to get out of my academic comfort zone to try something new.

Eyad Al Khayat - MSc Data Science
Photo of Laila Al Tarabichi

I chose to study at the University of Southampton because of the unique course they offer in clinical psychology that combines between learning therapeutic and research skills congruently. The course also focused on understanding mental health in various cultures and contexts and developing cultural humility. The beautiful green campus was also very inviting.

Laila Al Tarabichi - MSc Foundation of Clinical Psychology, Syria
Photo of Nirmani Amarasinghe

I chose to study at the University of Southampton for several reasons. Firstly, the university has a strong international reputation for its high-quality education and research across various fields, which was important to me in selecting a reputable institution. Additionally, Southampton offers the exact combination of subjects I am interested in, aligning perfectly with my academic goals and career aspirations. The university's location near the coastal area was also a significant factor for me, as I enjoy being close to the sea and the pleasant climate of the region. Moreover, Southampton provides ample research opportunities and access to cutting-edge facilities, which will undoubtedly enrich my academic experience and broaden my knowledge.

Nirmani Amarasinghe - MSc Operational Research, Sri Lanka
Photo of Bright Andoh,

I greatly value the extensive network of like-minded individuals that I can leverage in the future for professional growth and opportunities. Additionally, participating in class presentations and assuming leadership roles in smaller group discussions has significantly bolstered my confidence and eliminated stage fright, a concern I previously struggled with.

Bright Andoh, - MSc Applied Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing (AGISRS), Ghana
Photo of Jake Bakkedahl

I’ve never lived in a very populated city before, so that has been a neat experience. I really enjoy how compact and well connected the entire city is, which made biking to and from school enjoyable. Getting to enjoy the city’s history through visiting some of the older pubs and walking along the “Old Wall” has been my favourite part of living here. My wife would say that her favourite thing about Southampton is the shopping at Primark and the excellent food at Mango Thai and Thai Thai Express.

Jake Bakkedahl - MSc Energy and Sustainability (Energy, Environment and Buildings)
Photo of Diana Jazmin Garay Baquero

I definitively would recommend the University of Southampton, because I think it provides excellent academic opportunities in well recognised research groups. On the other hand, the University provides good support for students in different aspects of academic life. Additionally it is great how friends form other nationalities learn more about my own country and I have the same opportunity of learning about them.

Diana Jazmin Garay Baquero - Colombian
Photo of Felicia Boateng

I chose Southampton because of their research-intensive reputation and supportive staff members.

Felicia Boateng - Ghanaian
Photo of Dipanju Buragohain

The university offers an excellent academic environment and help to students. The equality seen here is appreciative and the people are friendly. It was indeed a dream university for me.

Dipanju Buragohain - MSc Oceanography
Photo of Amanda Ceroli

One thing I love most about my program specifically, is that all my course mates and lecturers come from different backgrounds and levels of life experiences allowing me to gain many different perspectives. Also, the lecturers and staff understand the variety of career options following this program and do everything they can to help the students' network as a whole and on an individual basis.

Amanda Ceroli - MSc Oceanography student and US-UK Fulbright Scholar
Photo of Lamine Dieng Diallo

This degree will unlock the most inaccessible opportunities including my dream career of being a transport specialist in an international organisation. I already have the chance to be bilingual and to have a master’s in civil engineering. This degree will be a testament to my specialty.

Lamine Dieng Diallo - Msc Transportation and Engineering (Infrastructure)
Photo of Gifty Dickson-Mensah

I have gained more confidence in my abilities and have built a network of individuals in my area of study.

Gifty Dickson-Mensah - MSc Applied Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing
Photo of Le Cong Dinh

I have been offered a Research Internship by Dr Alain Zemkoho during my second year summer. It is a wonderful experience when I can work among my lecturers and dig deeper in my field.

Le Cong Dinh - Vietnamese
Photo of Adrian Dumitrescu

I’ve been really impressed by the facilities available at Southampton. One of the best parts of studying here is that students are able to use the EDMC (Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Centre) workshops and the labs around campus, which include laser cutters and 3D printers. For both my extracurricular projects and my course projects I’ve used use these facilities and have gained valuable practical experience.

Adrian Dumitrescu - MEng Aeronautics & Astronautics / Spacecraft Engineering, Romanian
Photo of Alicyn Grete

Studying public health in Southampton has allowed me to learn valuable new professional and recreational skills while immersing myself in a different culture as I explore the UK and adjoining parts of the world. I have a better understanding of how to gather and triangulate evidence to make sense of the world around me, specifically in the complexity of the healthcare sector.

Alicyn Grete - MSc Public Health, United States
Photo of Nadia Mouri Hoque

I met some amazing professors who have been extremely helpful. I have taken as one of them to be my mentor and always go to her with my problems and discuss my future with her. She has shown me immense support and has encouraged me to aim higher and to keep trying. With their constant support and guidance, I have successfully been able to secure a PhD position.

Nadia Mouri Hoque - MSc Data and Decision Analytics, Bangladesh
Photo of Meng Huang

The QS rank of the University of Southampton is very good. The optoelectronic research centre of the University where I'm studying for my PhD is very famous around the world. The optical amplifier as the key brick of modern communication fibre network was invented here.

Meng Huang - PhD Optical Engineering
Photo of Ismael Iess Falcon

University of Southampton´s Ship Science degree is among the best in the world of its kind

Ismael Iess Falcon - Meng Ship Science
Photo of Rabia Iftikhar

I have had the opportunity to undertake work placements and internships in various statistical analysis roles, which have allowed me to apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems and enhance my analytical skills. Additionally, participating in intercultural communication course has improved my ability to collaborate effectively in diverse teams. Moreover, I am working on research project that has not only deepened my understanding of statistical methodologies but also honed my research skills, preparing me for future academic and professional endeavors.

Rabia Iftikhar - MSc Statistics, Pakistan
Photo of Gayeon Lee

I find making friends much easier if you join a society. I met one of my best friends in the U.K. at the society’s welcoming event. Also, I think it’s important to keep an eye on student events which can be a great way to have some fun and meet new friends. I attended Bunfight Clubs and Societies Fair, Freshers Fair, K-pop Party, etc., and it was helpful.

Gayeon Lee - MMus Music (Performance), South Korea
Photo of Nan Liu

I think what I am most proud of is that I stepped out of my comfort zone and came to an environment that is different from China in language, culture and rules in many aspects, which allowed me to start over, realise the diversity of the world and greatly expand my horizons and cognition. This will benefit me for life.

Nan Liu - MA Global Advertising and Branding, China
Photo of Gloria  Mazina

Without the Chevening scholarship, I would not have been able to attend a prominent university such as the University of Southampton. My career outlook has been extended, and I am glad for the opportunities accorded to me and I'm also thankful for the skills, experience, and friendships I've gained.

Gloria Mazina - MSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Peter Mbao

Having interacted with so much cultural diversity, I have come to realise that even though we may differ in many aspects of life, people are capable of working towards a common goal if they shed off those impediments. We have a lot in common than what meets the eye.

Peter Mbao - MSC Applied Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing RS)
Photo of Madalina Mironiuc

I really like the global community here. As an international student I felt welcomed by the staff and engaged by all the extra-curricular clubs and societies.

Madalina Mironiuc - Master of Physics (MPhys) Physics with Nanotechnology
Photo of Rolyne Kendi Mworia

Being accepted to study at the prestigious Institute of Maritime Law in the University of Southampton was indeed a dream come true. It places me on the map of Women in Maritime.

Rolyne Kendi Mworia - Kenyan
Photo of Miriam Natabo

I would recommend the University of Southampton because it has a modest social, cultural and economic environment suitable for many Ugandans. Furthermore, the teaching method used involving brainstorming and group tasks within a lecture makes the studies more interesting other than the one way method of teaching used in Uganda.

Miriam Natabo - Ugandan
Photo of Parmida Nikkhaah

I have been able to connect with such a wide range of people from different years of university, degree programmes, and cultures. I find that as we’re international we have quite a bit in common in settling into the UK, and I appreciate the sense of community it has provided to us.

Parmida Nikkhaah - MEng Mechanical Engineering / Sustainable Energy Systems, Thailand
Photo of Ridwan Omotosho

The individuals I've encountered at Southampton, from esteemed lecturers to my supportive program lead and academic mentor, have profoundly influenced my academic journey. Their brilliance, responsiveness, and unwavering assistance have shaped my growth. Additionally, the camaraderie with my intelligent peers has enriched my experience.

Ridwan Omotosho - MSc Genomics, Nigeria
Photo of Keniel  Peart

I am most proud of the friends that I have been able to meet from different countries around the world and being able to learn about their cultures and customs.

Keniel Peart - Msc Artificial Intelligence
Photo of Olly Perreira

I will forever be grateful to my lecturers for all their teachings and guidance. They were always there to provide support and encouragement, inspiring me to do the same when I return home

Olly Perreira - MSc Global Health
Photo of Poonyawatee Rye Ramdhonee

I highly recommend the University of Southampton to all but especially to those who seek a sense of community, who believe in networking, who love nature and green spaces, who want to have a lifetime of reading the best books in the astounding Hartley library, and to those who simply want to have the best learning experience whilst learning and discovering themselves at the same time.

Poonyawatee Rye Ramdhonee - MSc English Language Teaching
Photo of Roshny  Saji

I aspired to study in The University of Southampton because of its excellence in the fields of education, research and innovation. Ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, its global reputation with regards to the quality of education makes it an abode of international students like me.

Roshny Saji -
Photo of Lavanya Sharma

Coming from a busy metropolitan city, I love how peaceful and green Southampton is. There are a lot of outdoor spaces in and outside of campus to study and spend time in with lots of fresh air. Both Southampton and Winchester are very student friendly and safe cities.

Lavanya Sharma - BA Fashion Marketing with Management, India
Photo of Ling Mien Yeo

Come with an open mind. The approach taken by some lecturers require you to think differently so an open mind will help you to learn better and faster. A beautiful campus that is very green. Southampton is a breath of fresh air after living in cities all my live.

Ling Mien Yeo - Malaysian

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