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International student profiles

Find out what our international students think about life and study at the University of Southampton.

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Photo of Oluwafemi Adedipe

My proudest accomplishment may perhaps be the person I became by being a student here. I came to Southampton to learn about business but I am leaving with a bagful of so much more: a new worldview, new concepts, toolkits, mental frameworks and an incredible network of friends spanning the globe. Coming to Southampton was hands down one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Oluwafemi Adedipe - Nigerian
Photo of Eyad Al Khayat

I challenged my self to take a difficult course and was able to pass it! The course pushed me to get out of my academic comfort zone to try something new.

Eyad Al Khayat - MSc Data Science
Photo of Andrei Angelescu

Probably the proudest accomplishment I had was securing an internship after my first year at the University of Southampton. I enjoyed the atmosphere on campus, with something going on all the time, especially during the Freshers week and got used to the city after just a few days.

Andrei Angelescu - Romanian
Photo of Matteo  Bagnasco

The wide variety of modules offered throughout the three years really helped me in shaping my interests towards my future career

Matteo  Bagnasco - BSc Management with Entrepreneurship
Photo of Jake Bakkedahl

I’ve never lived in a very populated city before, so that has been a neat experience. I really enjoy how compact and well connected the entire city is, which made biking to and from school enjoyable. Getting to enjoy the city’s history through visiting some of the older pubs and walking along the “Old Wall” has been my favourite part of living here. My wife would say that her favourite thing about Southampton is the shopping at Primark and the excellent food at Mango Thai and Thai Thai Express.

Jake Bakkedahl - MSc Energy and Sustainability (Energy, Environment and Buildings)
Photo of Diana Jazmin Garay Baquero

I definitively would recommend the University of Southampton, because I think it provides excellent academic opportunities in well recognised research groups. On the other hand, the University provides good support for students in different aspects of academic life. Additionally it is great how friends form other nationalities learn more about my own country and I have the same opportunity of learning about them.

Diana Jazmin Garay Baquero - Colombian
Photo of Felicia Boateng

I chose Southampton because of their research-intensive reputation and supportive staff members.

Felicia Boateng - Ghanaian
Photo of Marthe Borresen

I wanted to study business in the UK and University of Southampton is one of the highest ranked universities in England. The course looked very innovative and the modules seemed to suit me well. Also, the fact that Southampton is pretty close to London, as well as the coast, made the city a good fit for me.

Marthe Borresen - Norwegian
Photo of Dipanju Buragohain

The university offers an excellent academic environment and help to students. The equality seen here is appreciative and the people are friendly. It was indeed a dream university for me.

Dipanju Buragohain - MSc Oceanography
Photo of Amanda Ceroli

One thing I love most about my program specifically, is that all my course mates and lecturers come from different backgrounds and levels of life experiences allowing me to gain many different perspectives. Also, the lecturers and staff understand the variety of career options following this program and do everything they can to help the students' network as a whole and on an individual basis.

Amanda Ceroli - MSc Oceanography student and US-UK Fulbright Scholar
Photo of Allison Chambers

I would absolutely recommend the University of Southampton to American Students. The possibilities for degree types are endless and the University is very well known in many specialist areas. The city has everything you need and more and we are only an hour away from London which is one of my favourite cities in the world.

Allison Chambers - American
Photo of Sitikon Charoenkajonkul

Studying in a foreign country can be a roller-coaster, when you started—you go slowly, but then again time can flies by so quick you and won’t even notice. Southampton can become one of your best memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Sitikon Charoenkajonkul - Thai
Photo of Alexandra Christenson

My decision to continue my studies here was made due to the engaging and talented lecturers, helpful staff, the great support the university offers its students and the layout of the course.

Alexandra Christenson - BSc International Relations, MSc Social Statistics (Research Methods pathway)
Photo of Paul Deligne

As a French person who didn’t travel a lot before, It was a thrilling and rewarding experience to discover not only a new country but also a lot of different cultures and ways of thinking I wasn’t used to in my homeland country. In my opinion, I think this is what university life is all about: Interesting and open-minded people coming from many different places and sharing their experience and knowledge with each other.

Paul Deligne - French
Photo of Lamine Dieng Diallo

This degree will unlock the most inaccessible opportunities including my dream career of being a transport specialist in an international organisation. I already have the chance to be bilingual and to have a master’s in civil engineering. This degree will be a testament to my specialty.

Lamine Dieng Diallo - Msc Transportation and Engineering (Infrastructure)
Photo of Gifty Dickson-Mensah

I have gained more confidence in my abilities and have built a network of individuals in my area of study.

Gifty Dickson-Mensah - MSc Applied Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing
Photo of Alexandra Diem

It’s one of the top universities in the UK, especially for engineering and I found it to be incredibly diverse, which is really important for me. In my opinion, studying is one of the best opportunities to experience a different country.

Alexandra Diem - German
Photo of Le Cong Dinh

I have been offered a Research Internship by Dr Alain Zemkoho during my second year summer. It is a wonderful experience when I can work among my lecturers and dig deeper in my field.

Le Cong Dinh - Vietnamese
Photo of Hong Lien Doan

My degree has offered me chances to explore various aspects of business and my placement next year would help me gain practical knowledge of the business world and improve my professional skills.

Hong Lien Doan - Vietnamese
Photo of Adrian Dumitrescu

I’ve been really impressed by the facilities available at Southampton. One of the best parts of studying here is that students are able to use the EDMC (Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Centre) workshops and the labs around campus, which include laser cutters and 3D printers. For both my extracurricular projects and my course projects I’ve used use these facilities and have gained valuable practical experience.

Adrian Dumitrescu - MEng Aeronautics & Astronautics / Spacecraft Engineering, Romanian
Photo of Catherine Kroamah Dwumfour

I chose this University because it is in the top 1% of universities in the world* with record of excellence in education and research. My degree will help me get a promotion within my organisation. Also as a practicing Midwife, I hope to use it to influence change within the healthcare system in my home country through colleagues and render better care to my clients.

Catherine Kroamah Dwumfour - Ghanaian
Photo of Salma El Youmi

The infrastructure of the university is ideal. We also feel like we always have someone to talk to if we struggle, may it be a professor, a tutor or even an advisor. Southampton has a diverse campus where I honestly feel like I don’t stand out, in a good way, I am free to just be who I am. I never thought I would be able to leave home for a long period of time and not only survive but actually enjoy every single minute of it.

Salma El Youmi - Moroccan
Photo of Michelle Gajewski

I would definitely recommend the University of Southampton to students from my home country because of how supportive the university is as a whole to ensure student success.

Michelle Gajewski - Canadian
Photo of Meng Huang

The QS rank of the University of Southampton is very good. The optoelectronic research centre of the University where I'm studying for my PhD is very famous around the world. The optical amplifier as the key brick of modern communication fibre network was invented here.

Meng Huang - PhD Optical Engineering
Photo of Ismael Iess Falcon

University of Southampton´s Ship Science degree is among the best in the world of its kind

Ismael Iess Falcon - Meng Ship Science
Photo of Elise Larsen Rasmussen

My course is, in my opinion, highly relevant and very interesting. I love how several of the modules do not even have a textbook, but rather use recently published articles, research and more, as a base for theory.

Elise Larsen Rasmussen - MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management
Photo of Yuejie Liu

Surely I would recommend Southampton. On the day of my arrival, the school coach stopped at the Glen Eyre Halls and many staffs were waiting there to welcome us, even it’s nearly 11pm. Two volunteer students helped me with my luggage and stayed with me until making sure I was properly settled and informed of all welcome events. It’s when I decided that I’ve come to the right place.

Yuejie Liu - Chinese
Photo of Shumaila Mahmood

My proudest accomplishment is a step forward in personal learning, learning in my research area, making international friends and introducing a positive face of both my country and ideology of life. I would suggest that come to study abroad with an open mind, make friends, break biases and experience as much as you can. Be focused, set your goals, routines and priorities as early as possible. It’s a very nice diverse social environment that let you experience and grow as a human being and individual.

Shumaila Mahmood - Pakistani
Photo of Gloria  Mazina

Without the Chevening scholarship, I would not have been able to attend a prominent university such as the University of Southampton. My career outlook has been extended, and I am glad for the opportunities accorded to me and I'm also thankful for the skills, experience, and friendships I've gained.

Gloria Mazina - MSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Peter Mbao

Having interacted with so much cultural diversity, I have come to realise that even though we may differ in many aspects of life, people are capable of working towards a common goal if they shed off those impediments. We have a lot in common than what meets the eye.

Peter Mbao - MSC Applied Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing RS)
Photo of Madalina Mironiuc

I really like the global community here. As an international student I felt welcomed by the staff and engaged by all the extra-curricular clubs and societies.

Madalina Mironiuc - Master of Physics (MPhys) Physics with Nanotechnology
Photo of Alaa Mohammad Mustafa Alqudah

The academic staff provide great assistance and suggestions to improve student life and study. In terms of food requirement, I am looking for halal food and Southampton as a university or city offer many halal foods inside the campus or outside.

Alaa Mohammad Mustafa Alqudah - Jordanian
Photo of Alex Monaco Tschan

Southampton Uni definitely equipped me with lots of knowledge and life experiences and now I’m ready for a new adventure.

Alex Monaco Tschan - BSc Management
Photo of Rolyne Kendi Mworia

Being accepted to study at the prestigious Institute of Maritime Law in the University of Southampton was indeed a dream come true. It places me on the map of Women in Maritime.

Rolyne Kendi Mworia - Kenyan
Photo of Miriam Natabo

I would recommend the University of Southampton because it has a modest social, cultural and economic environment suitable for many Ugandans. Furthermore, the teaching method used involving brainstorming and group tasks within a lecture makes the studies more interesting other than the one way method of teaching used in Uganda.

Miriam Natabo - Ugandan
Photo of Ngoc Nhu Nguyen

Ever since a close friend of mine who studied at Southampton University informed me of the school, I dreamt of studying in this inspiring environment. I would recommend the school for those who wish to grow both academically and personally and to be trained by one of the best professors and learning facilities in the world.

Ngoc Nhu Nguyen - Vietnamese
Photo of Vlad Novikov

My University of Southampton experience has been amazing and full of various emotions. It has become a new chapter of my life and I am happy I made Southampton my prime choice of universities in UK. I will definitely recommend it as it allows a person to understand UK culture by just being a student of Southampton and also because Southampton diploma opens a world of opportunities.

Vlad Novikov - Russian
Photo of Keniel  Peart

I am most proud of the friends that I have been able to meet from different countries around the world and being able to learn about their cultures and customs.

Keniel Peart - Msc Artificial Intelligence
Photo of Olly Perreira

I will forever be grateful to my lecturers for all their teachings and guidance. They were always there to provide support and encouragement, inspiring me to do the same when I return home

Olly Perreira - MSc Global Health
Photo of Harrison Phillips

I have been privy to enjoy both the academic and natural aspects of Southampton and will unequivocally recommend the University of Southampton to students from my home country. I would like to emphasise how satisfied I am with the decision to attend the University of Southampton.

Harrison Phillips - Trinbagonian
Photo of Peerapat (Peter) Prakongtham

Homesickness was definitely one of the common problems amongst international students. One of the best ways to cure this is to throw yourself out there and get involved in as many things as possible. Use the Bunfight session during the freshers week to learn more about extracurricular activities you can get involved in. Join societies, make new friends, and travel.

Peerapat (Peter) Prakongtham - Thai
Photo of Ria Rianti

You will automatically feel like home because everyone was really nice, warm and open to help. The lecturers and staffs are really appreciative and patient to international students if we have difficulty on say, language or just understanding the culture.

Ria Rianti - Indonesian
Photo of Laura Sofia Ugarte Rivas

The University of Southampton has a lot to offer, apart from the excellent academic part, there are several social events organised by the Uni and lots of societies to be part of...I did not know the university was so well connected to the city centre and so well integrated to the surrounding community.

Laura Sofia Ugarte Rivas - Venezuelan
Photo of Poonyawatee Rye Ramdhonee

I highly recommend the University of Southampton to all but especially to those who seek a sense of community, who believe in networking, who love nature and green spaces, who want to have a lifetime of reading the best books in the astounding Hartley library, and to those who simply want to have the best learning experience whilst learning and discovering themselves at the same time.

Poonyawatee Rye Ramdhonee - MSc English Language Teaching
Photo of Andrea Sabia

The opportunity to discuss ideas, concepts, and assignments with my peers has truly enhanced my experience here at Southampton. Given the technical nature of the Business Analytics course, discussing different techniques and approaches can truly sharpen your critical thinking skills.

Andrea Sabia - BSc Business Analytics
Photo of Roshny  Saji

I aspired to study in The University of Southampton because of its excellence in the fields of education, research and innovation. Ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, its global reputation with regards to the quality of education makes it an abode of international students like me.

Roshny Saji -
Photo of Houry Sarafian

With all the available reputable universities in UK, the University of Southampton was the perfect fit for everything I was searching for. The University of Southampton gave me much more than a Masters degree printed on a piece of paper but rather a well rounded experience of what it takes to become a better version of myself.

Houry Sarafian - Armenian, Lebanese
Photo of Anand Kumar Selvam

Southampton, the best place to live in UK. A one year stay at Southampton does not feel like I was in alien land but it was home away from home. Do not think about a second choice when you get an opportunity to study at University of Southampton.

Anand Kumar Selvam - Indian
Photo of Ahmed Shalaby

My first impression was simply “amazed”. The efforts made to make studying here as easy as possible are felt at each and every step. The friendly staff made everything easier. I would definitely recommend the University of Southampton to Egyptian students. The support they will have here is more than enough. They will be welcomed and never feel strangers.

Ahmed Shalaby - Egyptian
Photo of Marcos Simón

University of Southampton has put in my head a keep moving forward mind-set and to strive to make a change in the world we are living in.

Marcos Simón - PhD (previously MSc in Sound and Vibration), Spanish
Photo of Annabel Solnik

I would and have recommended University of Southampton to students from my home country. University of Southampton has a lot of people from all over the world with different stories and backgrounds so it is a good place to make friends and get connections. It is also a very good university and all of the staff members are very helpful and welcoming.

Annabel Solnik - Estonian
Photo of Amanda Lim Yu Ting

For students deciding whether or not to study overseas, I strongly urge you to take that leap of faith. The British learning environment is truly different from ours, it challenges your opinions and makes you think out of the box...because University is about finding the answers yourself.

Amanda Lim Yu Ting - Singaporean
Photo of Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih

I would highly recommend the University of Southampton, Highfield and University of Southampton Malaysia, to ambitious Egyptian students who are looking to kick-start their career, not only due to the university’s reputation but also due to wide international community at the university and the friendly staff who will offer you help both on the academic and personal sides of your journey.

Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih - Egyptian
Photo of Yangyu  Wang

The first time I visited the University of Southampton when I was studying at the UK as an exchange student, the green campus, friendly and supportive staff, and multicultural atmosphere left a good impression on me. That's also one of the reasons why I chose to come back to continue my postgraduate study at the University of Southampton.

Yangyu Wang - Chinese
Photo of Ling Mien Yeo

Come with an open mind. The approach taken by some lecturers require you to think differently so an open mind will help you to learn better and faster. A beautiful campus that is very green. Southampton is a breath of fresh air after living in cities all my live.

Ling Mien Yeo - Malaysian
Photo of Nan Zhou

Southampton University is renowned for its international community and multi-culture atmosphere with an award-winning beautiful campus. There is so much to experience in Southampton, and the university has a very friendly environment for international students. All you need to do is to open up and look out for the opportunities.

Nan Zhou - Chinese

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