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Luxury Is Only Luxury If… - New Study by Dr Yasmin Sekhon

Published: 25 May 2016
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Dr Yasmin Sekhon, a researcher at WSA, has been featured in the latest issue of Hotel Industry magazine, because of her latest research into luxury.

Yasmin's research focuses in particular on attitudes of second generation British Asian Indians towards luxury. 

The research examines in particular the way in which, by straddling two cultures, ideas of luxury, its attainment, and its significance, are different to the attitides observed in members of a monoculture. 

As the article comments, 'Within the study, Dr Sekhon found that a large part of the desire for luxury within the second generation British Asian community comes from their perception that luxury equates to achievement. Members use the acquisition of luxury as a means of measuring their personal achievement not just from their own individual assessment but from the collective assessments of others.' (

The article is a useful publication for the Winchester Luxury Research Group, showing as it does how the research being carried out in an academic setting can have real world implications for business, in this case the hotel industry.

You can read the full article at

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