Social Sciences: Economics


Southampton Economics Lecturer on BBC Radio

23 March 2015

Economic Historian Helen Paul discusses on BBC Radio Scotland’s "Good Morning Scotland" programme the Chancellor’s decision to pay off the debts incurred during the South Sea Bubble.

1st Southampton Conference on the Credibility of Economic Research (SCOCER)

16 March 2015

The Confidence Crisis in Science: can and should economics come to the rescue? A two-day event on July 3-4, 2015.

Study shows fitting meters has an immediate effect on consumers’ water saving habits

25 February 2015

Economics researchers have shown consumers reduce their water consumption by 16.5 per cent after they receive a metered connection – based on the study of a five-year programme to install nearly half a million water meters in the south-east of England. This reduction is far more than the national average of ten per cent and is mainly achieved very quickly after a meter is installed.

Southampton Economics Lecturer on BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time

24 February 2015

Economic Historian Helen Paul discusses Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations

Third Southampton Winter Workshop in Economic Theory

23 February 2015

Supported by the University along with the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and the Royal Economic Society and organized by the Department of Economics for a third year in a row, this Workshop provides an interdisciplinary environment consisting of Economics and Computer Science researchers, from Europe and the US.

Workshop on Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy 2015

23 February 2015

The Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy project (MCDE) is hosting an interdisciplinary workshop on issues related to giving and obtaining user consent online, with special emphasis on privacy and data protection.

Corporate philanthropy increases workers’ productivity

7 January 2015

Working to benefit a good cause increases productivity by up to 30 per cent, according to the findings of a new study from Economics at the University of Southampton.

First PhD Workshop on the Economics of Migration

1 December 2014

Tapping into our wealth of expertise on migration, the First PhD Workshop on the Economics of Migration is to be held next February

Radio programme about early financial crash

10 November 2014

Economist talks about the Mississippi Bubble

Lack of A level maths leading to fewer female economists

30 October 2014

A study by the University of Southampton's Economics department has found there are far fewer women studying economics than men, with women accounting for just 27 per cent of economics students, despite them making up 57 per cent of the undergraduate population in UK universities.