MySouthampton is the University of Southampton's mobile app for current students, combining access to map services, information and University systems in the palm of your hand.

The service provides both browser-based and device-specific access, which means that iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry users can download and use the native app, while other users such as Windows Phone devices can use their phone's browser to access the same features. This makes it compatible with a large range of mobile devices, and you can even access it from your computer at

You can download the app from Android Market, Blackberry App World or the Apple App Store.

MySouthampton is built on the campusM platform provided by the external company, oMbiel. As part of the registration process, you will receive an activation email from oMbiel asking to click on a link pointing to the ombielservices domain. This is a genuine email, and the click is required to verify that a valid email address has been registered, and to complete the activation process.

MySouthampton gives you access to comprehensive information about the University and its services, maps, timetables*, contacts, library loans, workstation availability, latest news and important alerts to help you get the most out of your time at univeristy. The service will expand in the future to give you easier access to even more of the systems and information which underpin your life as a student.

If you have any questions about this service you can find out more via the iSolutions services page.

* The Timetable feature is currently only working for students with individual timetables. Those who view their weekly plans by learning group or cohort (as is often the case within Health Sciences and Medicine) may have to wait for this functionality to become available.

The University at your fingertips

The University at your fingertips

MySouthampton is available for most smartphones

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