University of Southampton Bursary

The University of Southampton bursary has been made available to help meet the widening participation policy of the University.  This bursary is based on financial need and the criteria will include assessment of your family income.

To qualify for payment you must:

  1. be a continuing student
  2. be a UK student (excluding the Channel Islands/Isle of Man)
  3. be enrolled in the University of Southampton
  4. you must be eligible for Student Finance England funding
  5. be studying as a full time undergraduate student, a first year BM4 full time student or full time PGCE Student
  6. be part of a household who has an income assessed by Student Finance England (Wales or Scotland) as under £25,000 for a £1250 bursary or between £25,001 and £40,000 for a £625 bursary

    • If you have not had your income means tested, you will be asked to do so by the Financial Information and Assistance Team
    • If Student Finance England refuse to undertake means testing, your case will be referred to the Director of Finance before payment of the bursary can be made
    • If your income is not visible to the Financial Information and Assistance Team because you or your parents have not consented to share your household income, you will not be paid the bursary.  If you have not consented to share this information, and you would like to change this, you and your parents should ring Student Finance England and confirm you want to ‘consent to share’ this information
  7. have the cost of variable tuition fees attached to your course
  8. pay your fees personally, have a sponsor (unless this is the NHS), or have applied for a tuition fee loan from the SFE.

You are ineligible for this bursary if you:

  • are a new student commencing your first year of study beginning September 2012
  • are an NHS student as the Government pay your tuition fees on your behalf and do not expect repayment from you
  • are on year abroad, as you are only charged half fees
  • are on repeat year not attending unless you pay full fees to the University of Southampton

Payment of the University of Southampton Bursary is made in conjunction with Student Finance England.  Providing you meet the above criteria, have had your application for loans/grants means tested  by Student Finance England and you have agreed to share your financial information with the University of Southampton, payment will be made automatically to the same bank account details you supplied to Student Finance England on or around 18 January 2013.