Services we offer

The Student Services Centre is a central point of contact for all student queries whether by email, phone or face to face and works in close partnership with all Faculties and Professional Services. Our team of advisors can help you with a range of queries including accommodation, financial assistance including bursaries and scholarships, visas, careers and the payment of all University fees.

Quick Payments and IT access

There is a bank of internet terminals in the Centre where you can pay your fees through the webpayments system and access your e-mails You can also view your personal information through SUSSED.


Our advisors can assist you with a range of enquiries including:

Students ID Card

If you have lost or damaged your ID card or if you need any information updated you can apply online and the card will be available to collect from the Student Services Centre within four working days. A replacement ID card costs £10.00, however if you just need an update it is free.

Alumni ID Card

If you have left the university you can apply for an Alumni ID card which will allow you to continue to use some university facilities. You can apply for your first ID card and any replacements through our online store and it will be available from the Alumni Team.

Staff ID Cards

You can apply for your a new or replacement staff card online and it will then be sent directly to your office within four working days.

Payment Methods

Quick and Easy Online
You can pay your fees and other university payments online through the webpayments site.

Over the telephone
You can make payments by telephoning 023 8059 9599. If your parents or any other sponsor are paying on your behalf, please ensure that they know your student ID number and how much they are expecting to pay.

In Person
You can pay in person at the Student Services Centre

Dynamic Currency Conversion
The Student Services Centre is able to accept card payments in other currencies using the exchange rate available on the day. This facility is also available through the webpayments site

Currencies currently available are Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Danish Krona, Euro, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc and US Dollars.