Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
9822Mateos, X.Longer Lives, Fertility and AccumulationJan 1998yes 
9821Chalkley, M. and Malcomson, J.M.Government Purchasing of Health ServicesJan 1998yes 
9820Kotsogiannis, C. and Makris, M.Optimal Federal Capital Income TaxationJan 1998yes 
9819Ulph, A. and Valentini, L.In Environmental Dumping Greater when Firms are Footloose ?Jan 1998yes 
9818Chadha, J.S. and Schellekens, P.Utility Functions for Central Bankers - The Not So Drastic QuadraticJan 1998yes 
9817Mateos-Planas, X.Education, Technology Adoption and ProductivityJan 1998yes 
9816Gibbens, R., Mason, R. and Steinberg, R.Multiproduct Competition Between Congestible NetworksJan 1998yes 
9815Chadha, J.S. and Hudson, S.L.The Optimum Currency Area Case for EMU: A Structural VAR ApproachJan 1998yes 
9813Musinguzi, P. and Smith, P.Structural Adjustment and Poverty: A Study of Rural UgandaJan 1998yes 
9812Aldrich, J.The Jenovian Revolution in International Trade TheoryJan 1998yes 
9811Aldrich, JThe Discovery of Comparative AdvantageJan 1998yes 
9810Karp, L. and Lee, I.H.Learning-By-Doing and the Choice of Technology: The Role of PatienceJan 1998yes 
9809Bravo, F.A Correction Factor for Unit Root Test StatisticsJan 1998yes 
9808Lu, M and Zhang, ZExchange Rate Reform and its Inflationary Consequences: An Empirical Analysis for ChinaJan 1998yes 
9807Lu, M. and Zhang, Z.Parallel Exchange Market as a Transition Mechanism for Foreign Exchange Reform: China's ExperimentJan 1998yes 
9806Balkenborg, D., Jansen, M. and Vermeulen, D.Invariance Properties of Persistent Equilibria and Related Solution ConceptsJan 1998yes 
9805Larsen, J.D.J.The Macroeconomic Implications of Turnover Costs and Wage ContractsJan 1998yes 
9804Malcomson, J.Individual Employment ContractsJan 1998yes 
9803Herrendorf, B., Valentinyi, A. and Waldmann, R.Ruling Out Indeterminacy: The Role of HeterogeneityJan 1998yes 
9802Johal, S. and Ulph, A.Tying Governments' Hands: Why Harmonisation of Environmental Policies may be DesirableJan 1998yes 
9801Dekel, E. and Piccione, M.On the Equivalence of Simulteneous and Sequential Binary ElectionsJan 1998yes