Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0215Banerjee, A.N.A Method Of Estimating The Average Derivative, The Multivariate Case.Oct 2002yes 
0214Banerjee, A.N. and Swinnen, J. F. M.Does A Sudden Death Liven Up The Game ? Rules, Incentives, And Strategy In Football.Oct 2002yes 
0213Banerjee, A.N. and Seccia, G.On The "Hirshleifer Effect'' Of Unscheduled Monetary Policy Announcements.Oct 2002yes 
0212Surjinder Johal and Alistair UlphLimiting Political Discretion And International Environmental Policy Coordination With Active LobbyingJan 2002yesyes
0211S. Rubio and A. UlphLeadership And Self-Enforcing International Environmental Agreements With Non-Negative EmissionsJan 2002yes 
0210S. J. Rubio and A. UlphAn Infinate-Horizon Model of Dynamic Membership of International Environmental AgreementsSep 2002yesyes
0209S. Rubio and A. UlphA Simple Dynamic Model Of International Environmental Agreements With A Stock PollutantJan 2002  
0208Alistair UlphInternational Environmental Agreements, Uncertainty And Learning - The Case Of Stock Dependent Unit Damage CostsJan 2002yesyes
0207Alistair UlphInternational Environmental Agreements With A Stock Pollutant, Uncertainty And LearningJan 2002yesyes
0206M. Pulina and R.J. O'BrienMonthly, Annual And Quarterly Frequencies:A Comparison Of Models For Tourism In Sardinia And Bounded RationalityJan 2002yesyes
0205Gianluca GrimaldaGrowth With Competing TechnologiesAnd Bounded RationalityJan 2002yesyes
0204Daniel Sturm and Alistair UlphEnvironment, Trade, Political Economy And Imperfect Information - A SurveyJan 2002yesyes
0203Ianni, AReinforcement Learning and the Power Law of Practice: some Analytical ResultsJan 2003 yes
0203Ianni, A.Reinforcement Learning And The Power Law Of Practice: Some Analytical ResultsJan 2002yesyes
0202Patacchini, E.Unobservable Factors And Panel Data Sets: An Investigation In The Labour MarketJan 2002yesyes
0201Rice, P.The Great Divide: Regional Differences In Education And TrainingJan 2002yesyes