Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics

Number Authors Title Date On-line Abstract On-line Text
0713Martin Gervais, Igor Livshits and Cesaire MehUncertainty and the Specificity of Human CapitalJan 2008yesyes
0711Mirco ToninMinimum Wage and Tax Evasion: TheoryOct 2007yesyes
0710Robin Mason and Akos ValentinyiThe Existence and Uniqueness of Monotone Pure Strategy Equilibrium in Bayesian GamesOct 2007yesyes
0709Spyros GalanisUnawareness of TheoremsSep 2007yesyes
0708Isabel C Andrade and Raymond J O'BrienA Measure of Core Inflation in the UKSep 2007yesyes
0707Michael VlassopoulosVolunteer Hiring, Organizational Form and the Provision of Mission-Oriented GoodsSep 2007yesyes
0706Larry E. Jones and Alice SchoonbroodtBaby Busts and Baby Booms: The Fertility Response to Shocks in Dynastic ModelsAug 2007yesyes
0705Michael P Keane and Robert M SauerA Computationally Practical Simulation Estimation Algorithm for Dynamic Panel Data Models with Unobserved Endogenous State VariablesAug 2007yesyes
0704Duncan McVicar and Jan M PodivinskyDoes the Impact of Active Labor Market Programs Depend on the State of the Labor Market? The Case of the UK New Deal for Young PeopleAug 2007yesyes
0702José V. Rodriguez Mora and John HasslerUnemployment Insurance Design: inducing moving and retrainingJan 2007yesyes
0701David M. Benjamin & Felipe MezaTotal Factor Productivity and Labor Reallocation: The Case of the 1997 Korea CrisisJan 2007yesyes