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The Fund for the Greatest Need

By giving to the Fund for the Greatest Need, our supporters are funding projects that help us to respond to the needs of our students and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Through education, innovation and research the University unlocks potential and provides opportunities that transform lives. The Fund for the Greatest Need enables us to maximise these opportunities for our students, researchers and the wider community.

Read about some of the projects which have been supported by the Fund for the Greatest Need below.

Human Powered Submarine team

Human Powered Submarine

In the spring of 2017, members of the University’s Human Powered Submarine Society took to crowdfunding to source additional income to get them to the 14th International Submarine Races held at the Carderock Naval Base, near Washington DC, USA.

The team, a group of mixed engineering students that design and built a submarine powered entirely by human propulsion, aimed to raise a total of £10,000. £5,000 of this total was matched funding provided by the alumni community through the Fund for the Greatest Need.

After a month long campaign across the group’s social media channels and connections, the managed to raise a total of £9,872 from 32 generous donors. Funding received helped the team to ship the submarine to the US, hire diving equipment, test the submarine at a local dive centre and pay for just some of the travel costs.

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