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The University of Southampton
Airbus Noise Technology Centre

ANTC is moved to the Engineering Centre of Excellence at Boldrewood Campus

The ANTC is now moved to the Engineering Centre of Excellence at the new Boldrewood campus of the university.

New ANTC Office

The main part of the ANTC is now located on Level 4 of Building 176 where university academics, researchers and PhD students are working. There are a couple of research laboratories of ANTC which are based on Level 1 of the building. We have two wind tunnels of different dimension for students and research projects with a wide range of aerodynamic and acoustic experimental facilities. The contact address of the ANTC is changed to the following:

Airbus Noise Technology Centre (ANTC)
Engineering Centre of Excellence
University of Southampton
Building 176, Boldrewood Campus
Burgess Road
SO16 7QF

The new anechoic chamber under cons

Moreover, a brand new anechoic chamber is under construction in Building 175 just opposite to the building where ANTC sits in. The anechoic chamber will be facilitised with high-speed wind tunnel and advanced acoustic measurement equipment. The facility is expected to be finished in September, 2014.

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