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Dr Kristian Strutt

Experimental Officer, Director of APSS

Dr Kristian Strutt's photo

Dr Kristian Strutt is an Experimental Officer in Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

I specialise in archaeological mapping and geophysical survey. I am the Director of the Archaeological Prospection Services of Southampton unit, and I am also responsible for carrying out research survey work and applied archaeological geophysics. I have been involved in numerous research projects in Europe and further afield. These have included survey on the Portus Project, and surveys at in Italy, Spain, France and Denmark. I have also been involved in research projects at Dura Europos in Syria, and archaeological survey in Egypt, Turkey and the Middle East. I also directed the survey and excavation at Tidgrove Warren Farm in Hampshire, UK.

Research interests

I am currently involved in several projects in the UK and abroad relating to archaeological survey and site or landscape investigation. These include survey of sites at Old Sarum, Tidgrove Warren Farm, landscape survey in Thebes, Egypt, and other fieldwork in Italy, Spain and France as part of the Portuslimen Project.

Research group

Archaeological Computing

Research project(s)


The Portus Project is guided by two main objectives.  Firstly, it seeks to build a better understanding of Portus itself, as well as its relationship to Ostia, Rome, and the rest of the Mediterranean.  Secondly, it aims to develop techniques that will enhance the ways in which highly complex classical sites can be investigated and recorded, and evaluate the impact of those techniques.

Old Sarum and Stratford-Sub-Castle

The site of Old Sarum is located in Wiltshire some 3km to the north of Salisbury in the Avon Valley. The monument, includes a multivallate Iron Age hillfort with evidence of Romano-British occupation and documentary evidence of a Saxon burh and mint. The site was rebuilt as a royal motte and bailey castle including a cathedral and bishop's palace and extra-mural settlement.

Kostoperska Karpa Regional Archaeological Project

Employing a range of multidisciplinary techniques, this joint project between the Universities of Southampton, Oxford and Edinburgh and the Museum of Kumanovo seeks to develop our understanding of site and landscape transformation in the ancient and medieval South Central Balkans over the longue durée. Focusing on the region of Kostoperska Karpa (Mlado Nagoričane, Republic of Macedonia), where at least three major settlements and twenty churches are attested, it combines archival research, satellite imagery analysis, field walking, geophysics and targeted excavation to build a comprehensive framework for interpreting changes in the region’s religious and civic landscape.

Dr Kristian Strutt
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

Room Number : 65A/2229

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