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haas tl2
The HAAS TL-2 is available for hire

We provide technical support for users. Contact for hiring: Kevin Smith (

The HAAS TL2 is a CNC tool-room lathe used for manufacturing. Its axis dimensions are:

x = 406 mm,  

z = 1219 mm maximum capacity

The machine can be operated in any one of four modes.

  1. In manual mode, standard handwheels move both axes with accurate DRO of position.
  2. In automatic mode there are built in machining cycles for profiling, chamfering, corner radius, grooving, threading, drilling and tapping.
  3. In recorder mode ('teach' mode), a series of operations can be easily recorded and saved or editied for running the same programme again to duplicate parts.
  4. In full CNC mode the lathe is programmed using standard G code and all axes are controlled by the Haas CNC
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