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The University of Southampton
Autonomous Systems

About us

As one of Southampton's University Strategic research Groups (USRGs) we aim to achieve a global top five reputation; ensure a sustainable, critical mass of cross-disciplinary excellence; provide continuity of funding for world class science and research in the area of autonomous systems, sensing, computing, communications and platforms; provide world class, cost effective facilities and capabilities for scientists and other users and allow society, through this technology, to develop and maintain a low carbon economy, respond to climate change and conduct earth science research whether sub-sea, surface, land, air or space. [Director: Professor James Scanlan]


Steering committee:
Professor Damon Teagle, Dr András Sóbester, Professor Kirk Martinez, Dr Julian Leyland, Dr Jon Downes, Professor Alberto Naveira Garabato, Professor Neville Stanton, Dr Stephen Prior, Professor Hywel Morgan, Dr Sarvapali Ramchurn, Professor Mario Brito, Roger Gardner



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Key facts

We are able to build unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) using rapid prototyping techniques such as laser sintering and 3D printing - we built the world's first printed plane - reported in New Scientist. See the video.

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