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The University of Southampton
Autonomous Systems


Our work in sensing, computing, communications and platforms has many applications, and will be employed by society in a variety of ways including to develop and maintain a low carbon economy; to conduct earth science research whether sub-sea, surface, land, air or space; and to respond to disasters in dangerous locations. Our main research areas, in alphabetical order, are:-

mountain sensing

Big Data

From data resilience algorithms in sensor networks to observing peatland frozen ground processes via the Internet of Things


Human Factors

Optimising human performance in systems, especially with the introduction of new technology and automation


Missions & Applications

Developing aerodynamic optimization and high altitude unmanned aircraft for meteorological and Earth science research


Multi-agent Coordination

The 'era of ubiquity' - algorithms to facilitate solutions that allow multiple robotic platforms to act together



Designing unmanned vehicles for underwater or high altitude, fixed wing or rotary & even 3D printed aircraft parts with inbuilt sensors


Reliability, risk & regulation

Unmanned vehicles in dangerous locations - analysing, assessing and calculating the risk of loss and potential environmental damage



State of the art sensors send data from the earth's crust, the sea floor, the icecaps, the stratosphere, the ocean & the landscape

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