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The University of Southampton
Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems Research Showcase and Networking Event  Event

14:00 - 17:00
20 March 2015
The event was held at 175/1007 Boldrewood Campus University of Southampton

For more information regarding this event, please email Frances Clarke at .

Event details

We launched the University Strategic Research Group in Autonomous Systems by holding a research showcase and networking event.

If you were unable to attend, browse through the titles listed in the programme below. Some of the presentations appear before the programme and the rest come after. If you find any problems loading the presentations please email us ( to report the matter and we will do our best to fix it.

Martin Arundel giving his talk
Martin Arundel giving his talk

The event provided an opportunity for researchers to present their own research and to network with others and we were delighted at how many people from across our faculties came along and shared their work.

In addition to those researchers addressing the engineering challenges posed by such systems, we still keen to hear from other researchers who might be the end users of emerging autonomous systems, and those interested in their legal, ethical and societal impact.


13.30 - Tea/coffee and refreshments available

14.00 - Welcome from the Chair of the event, Professor Alex Rogers

14.05 - Introduction by the Director of the new Autonomous Systems USRG, Professor James Scanlan

14.15 - Session One of 3- minute presentations:

  • Chang Liu ‘Control and Implementation of Autonomous Quadrotor in GPS-denied Environments’
  • Julian Leyland ‘What we need for safely mapping hazardous terrain’
  • Gabe Weymouth ‘Maritime robotics – getting up close’
  • Cath Hollyhead 'Is there the potential for energy harvesting at single point moorings?'
  • Jon Downes ‘Smart Autonomous Ships for safer seas’
  • Kirk Martinez ‘Autonomous environmental sensor networks’
  • Luke Teacy ‘Autonomous UAVs for Search and Rescue, and Disaster Response'
  • Gopal Ramchurn ‘Human Agent Collaboration for Multi-UAV Coordination ‘
  • Chris Paulson ‘Mass Customization in Engineering: a proposed design loop for bespoke unmanned aircraft’
  • Ben Waterson ‘The road to autonomy: achieving transitions from driven to driverless cars’
  • Gail Taylor ‘Autonomous systems in plant environmental biology and plant breeding for a sustainable future’

14.45 - Networking break with refreshments

15.15 - Session Two of 3- minute presentations:

  • Chris Crispin ‘An intelligent, heuristic path planner for multiple agent unmanned air systems’
  • András Sóbester ‘Atmospheric Science Through Robotic Aircraft’
  • Joerg Fliege ‘WORHP - We optimise really huge problems’
  • David White ‘Gliders at the Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems (MARS) facility’
  • Alvaro Lorenzo ‘SeeTrack & the glider website’
  • Alex Rogers ‘Autonomous Acoustic Sensors For Conservation and Biodiversity Monitoring’
  • Mario Brito ‘Adaptive Ocean Sampling Networks, the Small Business Research Initiative & reliability for Unmanned Systems’
  • Sally Bennett ‘Autonomous Maritime Platforms – surface and submerged’
  • Robert Veal ‘The liability position in respect of accidents involving unmanned maritime vehicles’
  • Martin Arundell ‘Development of a colorimetric microfluidic pH sensor for autonomous seawater measurements’
  • Fraser Sturt (tbc)

15.45 - Reception with wine and canapés and an opportunity to network

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