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Carlos Canales Full-time MBA, 2019, from Chile

Institutions Research Analyst, University of Southampton

Carlos Canales's Photo

The reputation of the MBA from the University of Southampton opened doors which allowed me to start a career in the UK.

Why did you choose to come and study at Southampton?

I chose Southampton because of the reputation of the University. Placed amongst the world’s top 100 universities, and a founding member of the Russell Group. Besides, the closeness between Highfield campus, the city centre, Southampton Common and a variety of commercial venues bring to life an excellent student experience.

What were your highlights at Southampton?

Southampton is a truly enjoyable city. It is surrounded by parks and green areas, the transportation system works perfectly and it is close to London, beautiful beaches and national parks. One of the best experiences I had was to enjoy a Premier League game, where I could see the passion of the people for their club and city.

The MBA trips to Europe and Brazil were also highlights. Having the opportunity to travel with my classmates and enjoy these trips together allowed us to bond and build strong relationships and great memories.

What did you enjoy most about the Southampton MBA?

I enjoyed the constant push to think broadly and expand the limits of our previous knowledge. It is not an easy task to start thinking differently on your own. You need a well-designed programme to push you and show you the right way.

What have been the highlights of your career to date?

The reputation of the MBA from the University of Southampton opened doors which allowed me to start a career in the UK. Before the MBA, I had experience working in two multinationals companies related to IT and the telecommunication industry. Today, thanks to the MBA, I can widen my possibilities by gaining experience working in the UK in a completely different sector.

How did your time at Southampton help you to grow as a person and develop your career?

My time in Southampton helped me to value things that I was taking for granted in my daily routine back in my country. Personally, living abroad and shifting from a worker to a student life, gave me the chance to appreciate the benefits of a life-work balance and the increase in productivity that carries with it.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to study the Southampton MBA programme?

I totally recommend the MBA of the University of Southampton. The programme is designed to help you to expand your own limits and give you the most advanced tools for boosting your career.

I would advise people to take advantage of all the resources available for the students. There is a fantastic library and digital database with tonnes of information, and great lecturers willing to help you.

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