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Southampton Business SchoolPostgraduate study

Research Degrees

Our research postgraduate degrees come in two forms to meet different, but complementary needs.

PhD research programmes

The PhD programme is entirely research-oriented, leading to a wide spectrum of career options, in both academia and industry. You might be funded by a UK research council, an overseas government, or the University itself.

We will consider applications to undertake research in any area of: accounting, financial markets and banking, entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, corporate social responsibility, accountability and governance, human resources, organisational behaviour, information technology/systems, management science, operational research, supply chain management, risk, marketing and health management.

Particular importance is placed on ensuring adequate supervision for research students. We ensure your chosen area of study is within the area of expertise of our academics so adequate supervision can be provided. PhD students are expected to make a contribution to theoretical knowledge through their research.

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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

The DBA is equivalent to a PhD, with some distinct differences. Unlike a PhD, which addresses a purely academic question, the research you will engage in will deal with high-level strategic business issues and problems.

Your research will be conducted and applied within the organisation of your choice. This makes the DBA intellectually stimulating and professionally challenging. Many senior managers and consultants who decide to study a DBA do it simply for the personal challenge. However, it can facilitate a move to a portfolio career and open the gateway to a life in academia.

Find out more about our DBA programme

Supervision and progress

As a postgraduate we will expect you to take a high level of responsibility for your own progress. However, you will be working within a well-considered, accountable supervisory structure. This should help you to identify and manage any issues - academic or otherwise - that may arise during your research work.

As an expert in your chosen area of research, your supervisor will be your primary source of guidance on academic content and methods. At least once a year each supervisor is required to provide a report on the progress of each research student under their supervision.

Throughout the academic year there will be periodic reviews of your progress, to ensure your PhD thesis is on track and will be completed on time. This is part of the assurance to yourself and your sponsor that you are progressing as expected.

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