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The University of Southampton

Southampton expertise in Chemistry supports innovative pre-eclampsia test

Published: 24 January 2018
Test for pre-eclampsia
The device consists of a foldable arm, foam head and main body, at the centre is colorimetric paper.

Developmental work in Chemistry at the University of Southampton is helping researchers produce a reliable test for pre-eclampsia.

Dr Lynda Brown has been advising the Petersfield based company, Morgan Innovation Technology (MIAT), in developing a home health test device and smart phone app that helps detect the first signs of the condition in pregnant women.

Following the discovery of links between high levels of uric acid and pre-eclampsia, clinical trials of a new method of home diagnosis were carried out. Two studies, one of 134 women and one of 1150 women, showed a correlation between high levels of uric acid and pre-eclampsia and other gestational problems.

In conjunction with Dr Brown, MIAT has developed a ‘colorimetric ‘paper that shows a significant colour change indicating clear identification of low, medium and high uric acid levels. This works in a similiar way to home pregnancy tests.

“Pre-eclampsia is a common condition and the symptoms can be easy to miss,” she explains. “Clinical trials are underway with the new test and first signs are looking promising.”


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