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Chris Sampson

Chris Sampson

Chris achieved a first class honours MChem from Bangor University in 2011, winning the Excelsyn prize for the MChem graduate with the best grades. Whilst in Bangor he undertook two research projects; “Predicting the U.V. Spectra of cytological dyes accurately and efficiently”, and “EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) a computational study of the mechanistic properties”. His previous research projects gave him experience with Gaussian09 and Accelrys' Materials Studio.

Chris started his Ph.D. in September and since then he has been using various free energy techniques for biomolecules, along with developing skills in python and continuing to learn new and different methods within computational chemistry.

Outside of research, Chris has interests in fitness, winning an award for taekwon-do and representing Bangor university playing squash.

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