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Sharing your supervision experience: Supporting doctoral researchers' learning transitions

Supporting doctoral researchers

Sharing your supervision experience

Research Assessment Practices (RAP) team: Student Ambassador Scheme supported by the Festival of Doctoral Research Activities Fund 2019

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The aim of this event is to explore your experiences as supervisors of PGRs, highlighting opportunities and issues that can support or hinder the development of PGRs as future researchers. In the workshops, we will  share with you the outcomes of work we have been doing with PGRs on suggestions to enhance their learning journey.  We will also introduce a framework that can facilitate your role as a supervisor and support PGRs’ self-management of their PhD experience. Please come along and join in the activities and contribute to an important set of resources to support understanding of the PGR journey. Your voice matters.

How do we best support the PGR learning journey?

We hope you and your colleagues will be able to support this initiative. You will have an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the development of recommendations on how we can better understand and support PGR student transitions. What has been helpful to doctoral researchers and what could be improved?  Your views matter. Please come along and make a difference!

Who we are?

We are the Researching Assessment Practices team (RAP); staff and students working on enhancing understandings of student and staff entitlement as part of our Maximising Student Success HEFCE work which aims to ensure that our approach to student supervision is inclusive.

What is the role of the student and the supervisor in the process? How can we enhance what we do? We are interested to hear of your supervision experiences and we hope that you can help us produce some useful resources to inform enhancements in provision within the university which is key to the University.

This work is supported by The Centre for Higher Education Practice (CHEP) who promotes academic professional learning for every member of University staff, and is funded by The University of Southampton Doctoral College who provides a focal point for doctoral training and researcher development.

Any questions?  Email: Xiaotong Zhu & Sharifa Al'Adawi

Dates and times

Monday 15th April, 12:00-14:00 - Highfield Campus
Tuesday 30th April, 12:00-14:00 - Highfield Campus

Lunch is provided. You will only need to attend one session

How to book

Please use Staffbook button below to book your place.

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