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1002 Syntactic Foundations for Unawareness of Theorems (S. Galanis)

Discussion Paper 1002, "Syntactic Foundations for Unawareness of Theorems", by Spyros Galanis

We provide a syntactic model of unawareness. By introducing multiple knowledge modalities, one for each sub-language, we specifically model agents whose only mistake in reasoning (other than their unawareness) is to underestimate the knowledge of more aware agents. We show that the model is a complete and sound axiomatization of the set-theoretic model of Galanis [2007] and compare it with other unawareness models in the literature.

Keynames: unawareness, uncertainty, knowledge, interactive epistemology, modal logic, bounded perception.

JEL Classification: C70, C72, D80, D82.

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