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2401 Female Mayors and Corruption Scandals: an RDD Approach with Italian Data

Discussion Paper 2401, 'Female Mayors and Corruption Scandals: an RDD Approach with Italian Data' by Alessandra Foresta.

This paper investigates the influence of mayors’ gender on corruption scandals and investigations in Italy. Utilizing a novel dataset, I apply a regression discontinuity design to mixed-gender close elections, following the methodology outlined by Lee (2008). The results indicate that mayors’ gender does not exhibit a statistically significant impact on the occurrence of corruption scandals or investigations at the local level. These findings are consistent across both the global/parametric and local/non-parametric approaches and remain robust to variations in polynomial orders and bandwidths. Tests for continuity and treatment-control balance support the validity of the identification strategy. Additionally, a series of robustness checks, including different bandwidths, corruption measures, and considerations of early mayoral termination, along with heterogeneity checks based on population and geographical location (North/South), further reinforce the reliability of the results.


Keywords: corruption, crime, gender, politics, elections

JEL Codes: J16, P16, D72, D73

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Discussion paper 2401

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