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1101 A novel computerized real effort task based on sliders (D.Gill. & V. Prowse)

Discussion Papers In Economics And Econometrics - Abstract
Discussion Paper 1101, "A Novel Computerized Real Effort Task Based on Sliders", by Gill. D. and Prowse, V.

In this note, we present a novel computerized real effort task based on moving sliders across a screen which overcomes many of the drawbacks of existing real effort tasks. The task was first developed and used by us in Gill and Prowse (forthcoming). We outline the design of our “slider task”, describe its advantages compared to existing real effort tasks and provide a statistical analysis of the behaviour of subjects undertaking the task. We believe that the task will prove valuable to researchers in designing future real effort experiments, and to this end we provide z-Tree code and guidance to assist researchers wishing to implement the slider task.

Keywords: Real effort task, Slider task, Design of laboratory experiments, Learning and time effects, Individual heterogeneity.

JEL Classification: C90, C91

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