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The University of Southampton
Southampton Education School

CLEAPSS Reduced and Micro-scale Chemistry Event

09:30 - 16:00
20 March 2019
Mathematics and Science Learning Centre, Southampton Education School University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Mathematics and Science Learning Centre on 023 8059 8810 or email .

Event details

Small-scale chemistry is quick, saves on chemicals use and disposal and offers variety in presentation. Observations by users of these techniques appear to show that there is an improvement in classroommanagement both in organization and a reduction in the cognitive load for the students. There are pedagogue advantages, which can help dispel many of the misconceptions in the understanding of chemistry. There are also financial benefits to reduced and Micros scale chemistry as after an initial outlay on equipment, there is a reduction in the cost in equipment. This course does not use a commercial kit.

What will the course include?

In this workshop participants will gain practical experience carrying out practical procedures. Some completely new experiments will be demonstrated such as the preparation and hydrogenation of propene and a safer method of electrolysing of molten salts.

The course covers:

  • indicators
  • electrolysis
  • precipitation
  • conductivity and working with toxic gases
  • quantitative work in titrations
  • the magnesium/oxygen reaction and % water in hydrated salts

We request that participants bring the following items to the course:

  • a clean laboratory coat
  • safety glasses/ goggles
  • a calculator.

Course Fee: £125 per person attending

This is for a full day of professional development, all CLEAPSS course resources, lunch and refreshments.

CLEAPSS courses are intended for CLEAPSS members - if you are uncertain about your membership please contact CLEAPSS on 01895 251496. An additional charge may be payable for non-members attending courses.


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