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CLEAPSS Health and Safety update for Science Teachers Event

09:30 - 16:00
27 June 2019
Queen Elizabeth's School, Blandford Road, Wimborne Minster Dorset, BH21 4DT

For more information regarding this event, please telephone Mathematics and Science Learning Centre on 023 8059 8810 or email .

Event details

Science teaching has a very good health and safety record. Nevertheless science teachers need to be up to date with health and safety legislation as there are many potentially hazardous chemicals, living organisms, pieces of equipment and procedures in use in school science laboratories.

The objectives for this course are:

  • to consider the reasons why we do practical work in science
  • to raise awareness about health and safety in school science
  • to partly fulfil the legal requirement of employers to provide health and safety training for staff
  • to help you become more familiar with CLEAPSS services and advice
  • to practise procedures for risk assessment
  • to allow you to share concerns, and discuss common problems

The course has 5 sessions:

  • Session 1 Why do we do practical work?
  • Session 2 Science IS safe!
  • Session 3 Introduction to H&S legislation
  • Session 4 How CLEAPSS can help
  • Session 5 Risk Assessment

Each session will include a number of activities including presentations, discussion in groups and quizzes.These will de-bunk a number of common myths and look at legal requirements and the duties of teachers and their employers. Activities in the lab that commonly give rise to problems will be highlighted and discussed. There will be opportunities to discuss each participant’s own safety concerns. There will be opportunities to check model risk assessments, such as Hazcards , and to consider how these might need to be modified to reflect the circumstances of a particular school, room or class. The importance of adopting control measures, such as eye protection, and of sticking to agreed procedures will be emphasised. The day will end with an opportunity to consolidate the lessons learned during the day.

Course Fee: £125 per person attending

This is for a full day of professional development, all CLEAPSS course resources, lunch and refreshments.

CLEAPSS courses are intended for CLEAPSS members – if you are uncertain about your membership please contact CLEAPSS on 01895 251496. An additional charge may be payable for non-members attending courses.


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