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The University of Southampton

Dr Charlotte Marcinko BSc, MSc, PhD

Visiting Research Fellow in Integrated Assessment of Deltas

Dr Charlotte Marcinko's photo

Dr. Charlotte Marcinko is an interdisciplinary researcher with interests in understanding human-environment interactions.

Dr Marcinko is currently working on the ‘Opportunities and trade-offs between the SDGs for food, welfare and the environment in deltas (SDGΔ)’ project. This project works across scientific disciplines to understand the complex processes affecting the environment and rural populations living within the Indian Sundarbans.  Her role involves bringing together mechanistic and statistical models with other quantitative and qualitative data from across several disciplines to develop an Integrated Assessment Model (IAM). This IAM will explore how local policy choices can lead to synergies and trade-offs in achieving several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She works with an extensive array of environmental, biological, and socioeconomic data and apply a wide range of statistical and modelling methodologies. Her research previously focused on ocean biogeochemistry, but more recently she has worked on projects that have examined: how future changes in the natural environment may affect food security, and; how the way people use their local natural environment can help to predict wellbeing and allow us to monitor sustainable development goals.

Dr Marcinko is interested in understanding how natural and human systems are linked and how the complex relationships between them might be modelled. Furthermore, she is interested in how observational and modelled data on marine and/or terrestrial systems can be better integrated to enhance our understanding of these relationships and provide more effective and accurate information for governments and policy makers.

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Dr Charlotte Marcinko
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

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