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The University of Southampton

Our staff

List of all staff members in Engineering
Taufan Candra AbadiResearch Fellow
Mithila Achintha Lecturer in Structural Engineering
Olúwáṣeun AdétifáResearch Fellow
Sheida AfshanLecturer in Structural Engineering
Ehsan AhmadiResearch Fellow in Bridge Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
Sharif I AhmedVisitor
Rafic AjajVisiting Academic in Aerospace Structures
Olufemi AjayiVisiting Fellow
Robert AllenProfessor of Biodynamics and Control
Craig AllisonVisiting Academic
William AllsopVisiting Professor
Ben AndersonPrincipal Research Fellow
David AnglandAssociate Professor in Aeroacoustics and Aerodynamics
Bani AnvariVisiting Academic
Arif AnwarAssociate Professor and Head of Office, International Water Management Institute, Pakistan
Victoria AragonResearcher in Energy and the built environment
Luis Fernando ArenasVisiting Academic
Roberto ArmellinVisiting Fellow in Astronautics
John ArmstrongSenior Research Fellow
Lindsay-Marie ArmstrongLecturer
Jeremy AstleyProfessor of Computational Acoustics
John K AtkinsonProfessor of Engineering Science
Mamadou T BahVisiting Research Fellow
AbuBakr BahajProfessor
Wendell BaileyResearch Fellow; Senior Consulting Engineer
Joseph BanksLecturer
Victoria A BanksResearch Fellow in Human Factors Engineering
Charles BanksEmeritus Professor of Environmental Biotechnology
John BarkerEmeritus Professor
Anna BarneyAssociate Dean Education
David BarrettVisiting Academic
Janice M BartonProfessor of Experimental Mechanics
Max BartonVisiting Teaching Fellow
Philip J BasfordSenior Research Fellow
Dmitry BavykinAssociate Professor Energy Technology
Richard BeavenPrincipal Research Fellow
Dave BeckettTechnical
Steven BellAssociate Professor
Jelili O BelloConsulting Engineer
Sally BennettVisiting Fellow
Atul BhaskarProfessor of Applied Mechanics
Simon BlaineyAssociate Professor in Transportation
James I R BlakeAssociate Professor
Anthony BlakeResearch Fellow
Jeanne M.F.A. BlanchardResearch Fellow
Stefan BleeckProfessor of Hearing Science and Technology
Thomas BlumensathAssociate Professor
Luke BlundenResearcher in Sustainable Energy
Richard P BoardmanSenior Research Fellow
Andrea BoghiResearch Fellow
Maksym BondarenkoResearch Fellow
Stephen W BoydAssociate Professor
Neil W BressloffProfessor of Biomedical Engineering & Design
James WH BrownVisiting Researcher
Sally BrownVisiting Senior Research Fellow
Martin BrowneProfessor of Applied Biomaterials
Dickon BucklandResearch engineer
Daniel BullVisiting Fellow
Roy ButterfieldEmeritus Professor of Civil Engineering
Michael Patrick ByfieldLecturer
Angela BywaterBBSRC Anaerobic Digestion Network co-manager
Ian CampbellResearch engineer
Nicole (Nicci) CampbellProfessorial Fellow (Enterprise)
Dario CarugoLecturer
Ian P CastroEmeritus Professor of Fluid Dynamics
Benjamin CerfontaineLecturer in geotechnical engineering
Adrian ChandlerVisiting Professor
John ChaplinEmeritus Professor
Jared A CharlesResearch Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy (Geotechnics): Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering (IROE)
Shre Kumar ChatterjeeResearch Fellow
Jordan CheerAssociate Professor, Head of the Signal Processing, Audio and Hearing Research Group
Xiaoxian ChenResearch Fellow
Sergei I ChernyshenkoProfessor of Fluid Dynamics - Visiting Academic
Tom CherrettProfessor of Logistics and Transport Management
Andrew J ChipperfieldSenior Lecturer
Derek ClarkeLecturer in Water Resources
Andrew ClaughtonResearch engineer
Chris ClaytonEmeritus Professor of Infrastructure Engineering
Marty ClimenhagaVisiting Fellow
Simon K ClubleyVisiting Academic - Structural Engineering
Camilla ColomboVisiting Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering
Giacomo ConstantiniSoftware engineer
Richard CookLecturer
Laura Jane CooperPost-Doctoral Research Assistant
Ilaria CorniSenior Research Fellow
Spencer CourtSenior Enterprise Fellow: Corrosion Control
Simon J CoxChief Information Officer
R M CrippsVisiting Professor
Andrew CrudenProfessor of Energy Technology
Helen CullingtonProfessorial Fellow
Tony CurranSenior Public Engagement Fellow
Andrea Da RonchAssociate Professor, Director of the University Flight Simulator
Mattia Dal BorgoResearch Fellow
Stephen DaleyProfessor of Industrial Active Control
Keith DalyResearch Fellow
Barry DeakinResearch engineer
Ralf DeiterdingAssociate Professor in Fluid Dynamics
Simon DenningtonVisiting Researcher
Jack W DennyEPSRC Doctoral Prize Research Fellow
Alex DickinsonAssociate Professor
Kamal DjidjeliLecturer
Craig DolderVisiting Academic
Steve DorneyPrincipal Public Engagement Fellow
Jon DownesLecturer in Ship Science and Maritime Engineering
Barış DoğruVisiting researcher in Energy Technologies
Agnieszka S DzielendziakVisiting Researcher
Gustavo A. M. de AlmeidaLecturer in Civil Engineering
Roeland de KatLecturer
Ahmed ElkadyLecturer in Structural Engineering
Stephen ElliottProfessor of Adaptive Systems
Mehmet Ali ErbilCASCADE Research Fellow
Murat Hakki EresSenior Research Fellow
Nicholas EvansAssociate Professor in Bioengineering
Hans FangohrProfessor of Computational Modelling
Daniel FayResearch Technician and PGR student
Filippo Maria FaziAssociate Professor
Neil FergusonSenior Lecturer in Structural Dynamics
Margarida Fernandes de Pinho LopesVisiting Academic in Geomechanics
Mario FerraroEnterprise Fellow
James M FlemingResearch Fellow
Mark FletcherResearch Fellow
Alexander ForresterSenior Lecturer in Computational Engineering
Jennifer ForresterSenior Consulting Engineer
Andreas FranckPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Bharathram GanapathisubramaniProfessor
Nong GaoLecturer
Stephanie GauthierLecturer in Energy and Buildings
Francesco Giorgio-SerchiVisiting Researcher
Helene GlasspoolDeputy Director Graduate School (Training)
Peter Glynne-JonesAssociate Professor (EPSRC Fellow)
Susan GourvenecRoyal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies – Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering
Mary GrasmederSenior Clinical Scientist (Audiology), working in the field of Cochlear Implantation
Ludwig GredmaierVisiting Research Fellow
Michael GriffinProfessor of Human Factors
Matt GroteResearch Fellow in Transport and the Environment
Angelo N GrubisicLecturer in Astronautics and Advanced Propulsion
Andrew R. HamiltonAssociate Professor
Susan HansonVisiting Senior Researcher
Nazmul HaqVisiting Research Fellow
John HarknessSenior Research Fellow
Richard HarknessEmeritus
Christopher HarmerResearch engineer
Rob HarrisVisiting Professor in Auditorium and Building Acoustics
Sophie HartExperimental Research Technician
Terry J HarveySenior Research Fellow
Sammer-ul HassanResearch Fellow in Microfluidics and Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Grant E HearnEmeritus Professor of Offshore Engineering Science
R.Jason HearstVisiting Researcher
Sonia HeavenProfessor of Environmental Engineering
Markus O HellerProfessor of Biomechanics
Mehdi HendijanizadehResearch Fellow in Mechatronics
Shahram HeydariLecturer in Transportation
Adrian HickfordResearch Assistant
Martyn HillProfessor of Electromechanical Systems
Keith HollandAssociate Professor
Walter Martin HolwegerRAEng Visiting Professor in Material Science, Tribology and Lubrication Chemistry
Nick Hounsell Visiting Professor of Highways and Traffic
Ondrej HovorkaLecturer
Zhiwei HuReginald Platt Lecturer in Civil Aviation
Dominic A HudsonShell Professor of Ship Safety and Efficiency
Victor HumphreyProfessor of Acoustics
Patrick JamesProfessor of Energy and Buildings
Liudi JiangProfessor of Materials and Electromechanical Systems
Zheng JiangLecturer in Energy, University of Southampton & Sir John Houghton Hugh Price Fellow, Jesus College, University of Oxford
Phillip JosephProfessor of Engineering Acoustics
Ranga Dinesh Kahanda KoralageLecturer in Energy Technologies
Ioannis KapariasLecturer in Transport Engineering
Mohammad Mehdi KashaniAssociate Professor in Structural Mechanics, Design and Earthquake Engineering
Orestis L KatsamenisResearch Fellow
Andy J KeaneProfessor of Computational Engineering
Georgina Anne KeanePart time Senior Teaching Fellow
Paul KempProfessor of Ecological Engineering
Julia KendalSustainability Action Officer
Jim KerrResearch Fellow for AMBER project
Samuel KeyesVisiting Academic
Min Kwan KimLecturer in Astronautics
Jae Wook KimAssociate Professor
Keith KnoxVisiting Professor
Nikolaos KournoutosMarie Curie Research Fellow
Denis KramerAssociate Professor
Ingrid KuResearch Fellow
Sigrid KuschVisiting Research Fellow
Katherine KwaResearch Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy
Terence G LangdonProfessor of Materials Science
Terry LangfordVisiting Professor
Davide LasagnaResearch Fellow
Jack LT LawrenceResearch Fellow in Experimental Aeroacoustics
Louis Le PenSenior Research Fellow
Timothy Leighton FRS FREng FMedSci ScDProfessor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics
Carl Leroy-SmithVisiting Senior Teaching Fellow
Hugh G LewisProfessor
Jianghui LiResearch Fellow
Artur K LidtkeVisiting Researcher
Georges LimbertAssociate Professor
Ben LinetonLecturer in Audiology
Yongqiang LiuLecturer in Environmental Engineering
Thomas LloydVisiting Researcher
Andrew LockEnterprise Fellow
Fleur LoveridgeVisiting Academic
Milan LovricVisiting Research Fellow
Jing LuResearch Technician
Ping LuResearch Fellow
Jianjia MaResearch Fellow
Brian MaceVisiting Professor of Structural Dynamics
Emma MackenziePrincipal Teaching Fellow in Audiology
Bertrand MalasTowing Tank Manager
Sergio MaldonadoLecturer in Hydraulics
Massimiliano ManfrenLecturer in Energy in the Built Environment
Dominic P MannSenior Research Technician
Aleksander MarekResearch Fellow
Laura Marimon GiovannettiVisiting Researcher
Tom MarkvartProfessor of Energy Conversion
Robert MarshResearch Fellow
David MarshallWind tunnel manager
Miguel F Massot-CamposResearch Fellow in Underwater Robotics
Mark Noel MavrogordatoSenior Research Fellow
Alan McAlpineAssociate Professor
John W McBrideProfessor of Electro-Mechanical Engineering
Paul C McDonaldPrincipal Research Fellow
Mike McDonaldEmeritus Professor of Transportation Engineering
Alastair McDonaldDirector of Design Education
Rich C McIlroyResearch Fellow in Global Road Safety
Rachel McKerracherPostdoctoral Research Fellow
Fraser McLeodResearch Fellow
Dylan MenziesVisiting Fellow
Shahjahan MiahVisiting Researcher
John D MillsDeputy Director - Engineering, Physics and Geophysics Foundation Year
David MilneResearch Fellow
Aoha Mingo PerezResearch Fellow
Anthony F MollandEmeritus Professor
Joy MoloneySenior Education Development Fellow
Miyuki MoriokaVisiting Fellow
Jen MuggletonPrincipal Research Fellow
Gerald MullerAssociate Professor
Paul B MurrayPrincipal Research Fellow
Madhusudhan B N MurthyResearch Fellow
Antony J MuskerVisiting Professor
Luke MyersAssociate Professor
Dharumarajen NayagumResearch Fellow
Philip NelsonProfessor of Acoustics
Robert NichollsProfessor of Coastal Engineering
Adrian NightingaleNERC Industrial Innovation Fellow
Xize NiuAssociate Professor
Evangelos NtotsiosResearch Fellow
Alejandro OrtegaVisiting Research Fellow
Steven J OssontSenior Research Fellow
Konstantinos PapadikisPostDoctoral Research Associate
Katie J. ParnellResearch Fellow in Human Factors
Chaitanya ParuchuriLecturer
Samuel W PerrySpecialist Technician, Postgraduate Researcher
Ivo R PetersLecturer
Christopher W.G. PhillipsVisiting Researcher
Fabrice PierronProfessor of Solid Mechanics
Katie PlantLecturer
Tomas PolcarProfessor of Materials Science and Tribology
Carlos Ponce de León AlbarránSenior Lecturer, Energy Technology Group
William PowrieProfessor of Geotechnical Engineering
Honor PowrieVisiting Professor
Nakul PrasadResearch Associate
John PrestonProfessor of Rail Transport
Geraint PriceEmeritus Professor
Martyn P PrinceSenior research Engineer
Stephen D PriorReader in Unmanned Air Vehicles
James PritchardResearch Fellow in Rail Systems
Anderson Ramos ProençaResearch Fellow in Aeroacoustics
Dhivya J PuriVisiting Researcher
Yi QiuAssociate Professor
Monica RatoiLecturer in Lubrication Science
Philippa A.S ReedProfessor of Structural Materials
Tristan Rees-WhiteResearch Fellow
Jaime Renedo AngladaVisiting Fellow
Kirsten M A RevellResearch Fellow
David RichardsProfessor
Edward S RichardsonAssociate Professor
Keith RileyVisiting Professor
Graham T RobertsVisiting Academic
Aaron P. J. RobertsVisiting Research Fellow
Andrew RobinsonExperimental Officer and Specialist in Materials and Structures
Federico RomeiResearch Fellow
Tiina RooseProfessor of Biological and Environmental Modelling
Daniel RowanDirector of Programmes (Audiology)
Siul Aljadi RuizResearch Fellow
Emiliano RustighiVisiting Fellow
Charlie RyanLecturer in Astronautics
David RycroftVisitor
Richard D SandbergVisiting academic
Alan SandersonTeaching Fellow
Neil D SandhamProfessor of Aerospace Engineering
James P ScanlanProfessor of Design
Matteo ScarponiResearch engineer
Philipp SchneiderAssociate Professor
John SchoonVisiting Research Fellow
Mark ScottResearch Fellow
Rodney SelfProfessorial Fellow in Aeroacoustics
Hannah Domenica SemeraroLecturer in Audiology
Daria SemochkinaResearch Fellow
Bram G SengersAssociate Professor
Hemdan ShalabyResearch Fellow
Suleiman SharkhProfessor of Power Electronics Machines and Drives
Ati SharmaAssociate Professor
R Ajit ShenoiProfessor of Lightweight Structures
JunFen Shi Research Fellow
Dong-Hyuk ShinResearch Fellow
Birendra ShresthaVisiting Research Fellow
John S ShrimptonProfessor
David SimpsonProfessor of Biomedical Signal Processing
Marcos Felipe Simón GálvezVisiting Researcher
Ian SinclairProfessor of Materials Engineering
Randhir SinghResearch Fellow
Joel SmethurstAssociate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering
Kevin SmithFaculty Production Facilities Manager
Thomas W. SmithResearch Fellow in Biomethanisation of CO2
Adam J SobeyLecturer
S Mark SpearingVice President, Research and Enterprise
Giacomo SquicciariniLecturer
Robert StansbridgeExperimental Officer teaching Electronics, Digital Audio Technology and Instrumentation; Electronic equipment design and teaching laboratories support
Neville StantonProfessor of Human Factors in Transport
Marco J StarinkProfessor of Materials Engineering
Joshua SteerRAEng Enterprise Fellow and Founder of Radii Devices
Neil G StephenHead of Academic Affairs Malaysia Campus
Keith StokesVisiting Professor
Martin StolzLecturer in Orthopaedic Tribology
Paul StoodleyProfessor of Microbial Tribology
Anne StringfellowSenior Research Fellow
Rie SugimotoSenior Research Fellow
Graham G SwinerdUniversity Visitor
Hanna Sykulska-LawrenceLecturer in Astronautics
Sean SymonLecturer
Nicola SymondsOperations Director of nC2
András SóbesterSenior Lecturer
Takashi TakeuchiChief Technical Officer and Senior Vice President OPSODIS Limited
Mingyi TanLecturer
Jinghua TangKTP Associate
Trevor W TantonEmeritus
Bing TaoVisiting Research Fellow
Adrian R L TatnallVisiting Fellow
Dominic J TauntonLecturer
Andrew TaylorVisiting Associate Professor
Mark TaylorVisiting Professor of Bioengineering Science
Despoina TeliVisiting Academic
Pandeli TemarelEmeritus Professor of Hydroelasticity
Brian TesterPrincipal Research Fellow
T Glyn ThomasLecturer
David ThompsonProfessor in Railway Noise and Vibration
Ole Thybo ThomsenProfessor of Structures and Materials
Blair ThorntonAssociate Professor of Oceanic Engineering Science
Philipp J ThurnerVisiting Professor
David ToalLecturer
Mohamed Moshrefi- TorbatiLecturer
Ian TownendVisiting Professor
Nicholas TownsendLecturer
C J TurnerVisiting Reader
Stephen R TurnockProfessor of Maritime Fluid Dynamics
Hodei UrrutxuaVisiting Frontiers Fellow
Christina VanderwelAssociate Professor in Experimental Fluid Mechanics
Carl VerschuurProfessorial Fellow (Enterprise)
Anatoliy VorobevLecturer
Ivan VoutchkovSenior Research Fellow
Andrew VowlesResearch Fellow
Rachel van BesouwVisiting Research Fellow
Arjen van VeelenERC Research Fellow
Thomas WahlMarie Skłodowska Curie Research Fellow
John WalkerLecturer in Advanced Surface Engineering
Frank C WalshEmeritus Professor of Electrochemical Engineering
Leran WangResearch Fellow
Shuncai WangLecturer
Ling WangProfessor of Tribo-Sensing, Head of nCATS Group
Timothy WatersAssociate Professor
Ben WatersonAssociate Professor in Transportation
Victoria WatsonSenior Teaching Fellow (Audiology)
Geoff WatsonResearch Fellow
Gabriel David WeymouthAssociate Professor
Julian WhartonAssociate Professor
Paul WhiteProfessor of Statistical Signal Processing
David WhiteProfessor of Infrastructure Geotechnics
Ian WilliamsProfessor
Arthur F WilloughbyEmeritus Professor
Richard G A WillsAssociate Professor
Philip A WilsonProfessor of Ship Dynamics
Björn WindénVisiting researcher
Alan WongResearch Fellow
Robert J K WoodProfessor of Surface Engineering and Tribology
Nick WoodmanSenior Research Fellow
Colin D. WoodroffeVisitor
Sarah WorsfoldSpeech and Language Therapist
Matthew WrightSenior Lecturer in Acoustics
Sandy WrightPrincipal Research Engineer
Phil Yue WuResearcher in Sustainable Energy
Rachael WynneSenior Research Assistant
Zhengtong XieAssociate Professor (Senior Lecturer)
Jing Tang XingEmeritus Professor of Applied Mechanics
Jun Jiang XiongVisiting Senior Research Fellow
Y P XiongAssociate Professor
Shoufeng YangProfessor of Additive Manufacturing
Yifeng YangProfessor of Cryogenics and Applied Superconductivity
Ying YeLecturer
Edward A YoungAssociate Professor
Marcus YoungResearch Fellow in GIS and Transport Engineering Data
Tai-Tuck YuResearch Fellow
Ilias ZazasSenior Enterprise Fellow
Antonis ZervosAssociate Professor in Geomechanics
Yue ZhangLecturer in Environmental Engineering
Xunli ZhangProfessor of Bioengineering and Microsystems
Xu ZhangResearch fellow
Zijun ZhaoResearch Fellow
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