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The University of Southampton

Dr Sammer-ul Hassan BSc Chem, PhD Eng Sci, MRSC

Research Fellow in Microfluidics and Point-of-Care Diagnostics

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Sammer-ul Hassan is a Research Fellow within Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering at University of Southampton. He is affiliated with Bioengineering research group. He has been recently appointed (2018) as Research Fellow on UK-India multimillion project “Diagnostics for One Health and User Driven Solutions for AMR”. The project will develop innovative diagnostics to curb antimicrobial resistance, one of the biggest threats to global public health.

Developing microfluidic based solutions for POC applications especially inexpensive, simple and robust tools for tackling antimicrobial resistance in healthcare.

Career History

Sammer obtained BSc Chemistry from University of Hull, UK and PhD Engineering Sciences from University of Southampton. He has been a visiting researcher at Imperial college London, and principal scientist and director for R & D at SWS Ltd. He joined department of mechanical engineering at University of Southampton in 2012.  He is a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and Associate Member of Institute for Life Sciences, Southampton.

Research interests

  • Miniaturization, Microfluidics and Droplet-Based Microfluidics.
  • Biosensor, Biomedical Device development, Continuous chemical sensing and Point-of care diagnostics.
  • Wet chemical assays, Colorimetric assays and Antimicrobial Resistance studies in microfluidics.
  • Enzymatic reactions in droplets and kinetic study of enzymatic reactions.
  • Cell encapsulation in Droplets and cell culture in microfluidics devices.
  • Analytical Detections such as UV/Vis, LIF, Confocal Microscopy and Chemiluminescence.
  • Miniaturized Optical Detections in microsystems (UV/Vis, Fluorescence and luminescence).
  • Electrophoresis, Microchip Electrophoresis (Proteins and Nucleic Acids) and western blotting, microchip HPLC.
  • Miniaturized and low cost pumping systems for droplet generation on-demand.

Research group

Bioengineering Science

Lab Demonstrations Year 1 Chemistry

Teaching Assistant for Foundation Chemistry

He has also supervised BSc, MSc and PhD, and both national and international internship students, providing support in their practical laboratory sessions and thesis writing.

1. ESRC, UK-India £3 million Grant , Diagnostics for One Health and User Driven Solutions for AMR, 2018 Dr Sammer-ul Hassan (Named Researcher), Dr Xunli Zhang, Dr Till Bachmann, Dr Ravikrishnan Elangovan (Principal Investigators), and Prof Dominic Moran, Dr Alice Street, Prof Stephen Rimmer, Dr Alison Prendiville, Dr Sivaram Gopalan Krishnan, Dr Naresh Kumar, Dr Amitabha Bhattacharjee, Dr Debadatta Dhar, Dr Taslimarif Saiyed, Dr Raghu Vishweswaraiah (Co-Investigators)

2. CBMS Travel Grant received at the 20th MicroTAS Conference, 2016, for the oral presentation titled “Wearable Droplet-Based Microfluidic Sensor Device for Continuous Sampling and Real-Time Analysis” (Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society)

3. 2016 HiSTAR Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (3rd Prize) , China-UK HiTECH Forum, £5K , Dr Sammer-ul Hassan (Entrepreneur), Xize Niu (Founder and Principal Investigator)

4. NERC, UK Grant , Droplet microfluidic based chemical sensors for rapid measurement of nutrients in water, £174K , 2016 Sammer-ul Hassan (Named Scientist), Xize Niu (Principal Investigator), Hywel Morgan and Matt C Mowlem (Co-Investigators)

5. ICURe – HEFCE and Innovate UK , Innovation to Commercialisation Programme, £50K , 2015 Sammer-ul Hassan (Entrepreneurial Team Lead), Xize Niu (Principal Investigator)

6. Best Poster Award , Sensors in Medicine, London, UK 2015

7. Best Oral Presentation Award , Microfluidics Awayday, Centre for Hybrid Biodevices (CHB), Southampton, UK 2014

8. Best Oral Presentation Award , Postgraduate Conference in Engineering Sciences, Southampton, UK 2013

9. Brian Wallis Prize for best chemistry student , Department of Chemistry, The University of Hull, UK 2012

Polymer and Biomaterials Chemistry Laboratories, Bradford University, UK (Professor Stephen Rimmer)

Mechatronics group at University of Southampton (Dr Xize Niu, Dr Adrian Nightingale, Dr Dario Carugo)

University Hospital Southampton, Southampton

Dr Sammer-ul Hassan
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Dr Sammer-ul Hassan's personal home page
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