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The University of Southampton

Research project: E-Drone

Currently Active: 

Transforming the energy demand of supply chains through integrated UAV-to-land logistics for 2030.

Given the ever-growing demand for products and services that in turn generate freight activity in our cities, there is a need to fundamentally investigate how mixed land-and-Un-crewed Air Vehicle (UAV) logistics fleets can be successfully integrated and managed to improve customer service, reduce energy demand and also address urban traffic congestion. The greatest barrier to the wider adoption of UAVs into logistics fleets is the current lack of integration of UAVs within civil airspace.

The research vision is to critically examine the energy reduction potential, using a case study and live trial based around NHS patient diagnostic sample, pharmacy and blood transportation, of integrated logistics solutions involving UAVs operating in shared airspace and alongside traditional and sustainable last-mile delivery solutions (vans, cargo cycles, walking porters via micro-consolidation points).

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