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Research project: StarSaver - cleaning wounds when water is scarce

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In many parts of the world, the only clean water is bottled water: can we turn it form a mediocre wound cleaner into a spectacular one?

Project Overview

Every 1 hour delay in treating sepsis decreases chance of survival by 6%.

Cleaning injuries reduces the chance of sepsis.

But sometimes the only clean water is bottled water, which on its own is not great at cleaning wounds. Rescue workers, workplaces and rural maternity wards in many parts for the world need access to a better wound cleaner.

We can make plain cold water clean wounds, using StarStream cleaning.

Our dream is a not-for-profit, solar-charged, battery powered reusable StarStream for bottled water: StarSaver.

We have shown that StarStream can make cold water clean extraordinarily well, without additives. StarSaver is an aspiration – we are currently trying, wholly unfunded, to build the devices, but that is a long way from convincing an industry to build them on a not-for-profit basis.

The concept of a portable StarStream, powered by a solar-charged battery, takes us towards a world where a bottle of drinking water can also be used as an effective emergency wound cleaner, for rescue workers, drones or vehicles that cannot carry heavy packs of water, soap and disinfectant. It can be used to support rural medicine and maternity services, and provide emergency cleaning for wounds and foodstuff when flooding contaminates water supplies.

Professor Leighton is collaborating with Dr Mawuli Dzodzomenyo (Ghana School of Public Health, University of Ghana) on an EPSRC Pump Priming project under the Global-NAMRIP initiative. On a recent visit to Southampton to discuss making the StarStream technology suitable for fitting to bottles of drinking water, to ensure that such water goes from one critical use (rehydration) to two (rehydration and wound cleaning), Dr Dzodzomenyo took the opportunity to try a prototype StarStream device, the foundation for development of StarSaver.

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Part 1 - November 2011 - Royal Society Premier Award for innovation for cold water cleaning invention.

Part 2 - April 2012 - Ultrawave launch StarStream as "most exciting development in cleaning technology for many years".

Part 3 - December 2012 - StarStream wins 2012 Institute of Chemical Engineers Award for Water Management and Supply.

Part 4 - December 2012 - Royal Society presents StarStream to HRH the Duke of York.

Part 5 - 2012-2013 - StarStream on TV shows in three countries - Germany, Italy and the UK.

Part 6 – August 2014 - Industry finds that StarStream cleans '1000 times better than water'

Part 7 – September 2014 - StarStream receives the international award ‘Best New Product of the Year’

Part 8 – June 2015 - The first commercial StarStream prototype appears on BBC1`s "The One Show"

Part 9 – July 2015 - Prof Tim Leighton highlights need to tackle superbugs in invited addresses to the first RCUK Research Innovation and Grow conference, including a demonstration of StarStream

Part 10 – September 2015 – Stream removes dental bacteria and cleans bones, skin and surgical steel

Part 11 – September 2015 – Why we need more than just new antibiotics

Part 12 – November 2015 – StarStream’s cold water cleaning provides another tool to combat antimicrobial resistance

Part 13 – December 2015 – NAMRIP launch conference is addressed by Dame Sally Davies (Chief Medical Officer, UK Gov) and Prof Guy Poppy (Chief Scientific Adviser, Food Standards Agency)

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