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The University of Southampton

COVID Information 

On 19 July 2021, the final phase of the UK Government's roadmap for the easing of lockdown in England began.

The University is adopting a sensible, gradual, precautionary approach as we prepare over the summer to welcome our students and staff back for what we hope will be a near-normal new academic year.  This will allow more time for all members of staff and our students to receive their vaccinations.

For the immediate future, our existing requirements around use of face coverings, social distancing and one-way systems will continue. These will be reviewed in the light of the revised guidance to the HE sector. Where we, and our local public health partners, feel it is appropriate, measures will be relaxed further or lifted entirely, with guidance and related signage changed.

Our continuing freedom from restrictions in the autumn will be dependent on regular testing. In anticipation of greater numbers of staff returning for the new academic year, as well as our students, we are planning to expand our weekly testing programme.

Students who are able to come to campus are welcome to use the available facilities including libraries, sports facilities and cafes.

Staff who are able to, and who are not required to be on campus, can continue to work from home. Colleagues who need or want to be on campus can do so, using our existing risk assessments and with decisions made at local level, by line managers. 

While at University, staff and students are expected to follow testing guidance and all other COVID-secure behaviours set out in our Code of Conduct. This is to ensure we maintain a COVID-mitigating University, helping to keep everyone safe from infection.


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