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Instrument Manager

Diagnostic instruments
Diagnostic instruments

The HVLab Diagnostic Instruments Manager has been developed in the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the University of Southampton to assist users of HVLab diagnostic instruments. The Diagnostic Instruments Manager provides control of all HVLab diagnostic instruments and includes data management facilities. The HVLab Diagnostic Instruments Manager is used in medical, industrial, research, and educational establishments.


The HVLab Diagnostic Instruments Manager has been designed for use with HVLab diagnostic instruments. The equipment is used in research, occupational health, clinical and medical practice.

Applications include:


The HVLab Diagnostic Instruments Manager automates the process of data retrieval from HVLab diagnostic instruments. The HVLab software is activated from within the Diagnostic Instruments Manager. This provides the user with a simple interface for entry of subject details, clinical information, and for storing test results. Test summaries can be printed and data can be exported for further analysis. The database includes full search capabilities and can be customised for manual entry of data from tests not provided by HVLab.

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