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International Summer School

Guitars, Music and Culture Course Information

Steinway piano keys
Steinway piano keys

Welcome to the University of Southampton’s International Summer School Guitars, Music and Culture course!

In this course you will be introduced to the follow:

Renaissance era ca. 1300-1600

Baroque era ca. 1600-1750

Classical era ca. 1750-1800

Romantic era ca. 1800-1900

Renaissance guitar or four-­‐course guitar

Baroque guitar of five-­‐course guitar

Early Romantic guitar


A larger guitar-­‐type instrument from the renaissance-­‐era. Used mainly in Spain.


A plucked & fretted string instrument, pear-­‐shaped, with gut strings.


A plucked & fretted string instrument, with wire strings.

Ground or tenor

A chord pattern that is repeated and improvised upon.


A regular combination of tones played or sung simultaneousl.


A notation system for plucked & fretted instrument.


A notation system for chords on guitar.


The notation system for all classical instruments and voices; also ‘score’.


One or two strings tuned in unison or an octave, placed closely together, that are always plucked together.


Can be wire, gut, silk or combinations thereof.

Gut string

A historic string made of prepared animal gut.

Strum or rasgueado

Strike several strings on the instrument in one movement, with finger(s) or thumb. Often done in rhythmic patterns

Pluck, finger-style or punteado

A playing technique where individual strings are plucked with the fingertips.


Please find attached below some reading materials which you may find interesting however we only request that you read the article 'Baroque guitar' before joining the course.

Meet your tutors

These sessions will be taught by Professor Jeanice Brooks (Professor of Music) and Jelma van Amersfoort (PhD candidate in Music).

For further information on the postgraduate tutors please visit the Meet the tutors pages.

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