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Monarchs: Icons of History

These buildings played an important role in Britain's political, military, social and cultural history.

King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII

In the Middle Ages castles were the residencies of an aristocratic elite and focal points of military, social and economic contact. Cathedrals were centres of power that towered above the surrounding towns. Country houses are associated with grand architecture, fine gardens and conspicuous consumption.

Each of these magnificant building projects was the vision of a strong religious, local or national leader - and so these beautiful structures tell us much about our ancestors, their ways of life and what mattered to them. None more so than those built for the Kings and Queens of England.

You will examine the role that these buildings played in Britain's' history. You will visit the magnificent Winchester Cathedral, Portchester Castle; and beautiful Hampton Court Palace.

The academic organising this topic is Professor Anne Curry, Professor of Medieval History.


Hampton Court Palace

This topic includes a trip to Hampton Court Palace and its world-famous maze.

Hampton Court website
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