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The University of Southampton

Application for temporary access to University IT resources for conference and event delegates

Please use this form to apply for short term access for conference and event delegates to University IT facilities and resources. Note that this form is for conference and event use only and HR must be contacted for access to IT resources for visitors.

The cost of this service is chargeable to an Agresso Subproject code. Each application incurs an administrative charge of £25.00 and a charge of £1.00 for each account requested. Refunds are not given for unused accounts so please ensure that only the required number of accounts are requested.

Please allow 10 working days for your request to be processed (see note 1).

Conference accounts primarily allow delegates to use the University's teaching computers. They also allow use of the eduroam wireless network although all visitors to the University may use the WiFi Guest wireless network without the need for a University account. Please note that conference accounts do not normally give access to the University's Blackboard VLE.

The accounts will be activated the working day before the start date provided and deactivated the morning after the end date.

    Conference details
    Conference organiser details (see note 2)
    Secondary contact details (see note 3)

    If you require the account details to be sent to someone other than the conference organiser, then please give the details of a secondary contact.

    Delivery Details

    Please provide a University postal address for delivery of the account details.

    Terms and conditions for use of temporary access accounts

    Access to University IT facilities is offered only under the following terms and conditions agreed to by the applicant (by entering the email address of the authoriser - see note 2).

    1. The conference organiser agrees that each delegate will be made aware of the regulations governing the use of computers and University IT facilities.
    2. The conference organiser agrees to indemnify the University against any claims made by third parties arising out of their delegate's use of the University's computing and networking facilities.
    3. The conference organiser agrees that the University accepts no responsibility for the incorrect functioning of its equipment nor liability for any losses incurred by delegates as a result of their use of the University's computing and network facilities.
    4. The software portfolio provided by iSolutions includes certain products which are restricted to academic use only. Wherever possible iSolutions will advise on alternative solutions. This is particularly applicable to the use of telnet and ftp utilities.
    5. Delegates will sign the appropriate documentation at the time of receipt of the username and password from the conference organiser. This is a strict requirement and part of the University and iSolutions policies on computer use. Accounts which have been issued incorrectly will be disabled.


    1. The usernames and passwords will be set up after receipt of the request and they will be sent by internal post. It is important to give as much notice as possible of the requirements.
    2. The conference organiser must be a member of the University staff. The conference organiser's email address with be used as authorisation to proceed and create the requested accounts. The request will be confirmed by email.
    3. If desired, a secondary contact can be given in which case that person will be sent the account details and will be copied into any correspondence. The secondary contact must also be a member of the University.
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