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Tips to reduce data usage

If you are using your device more than ever during the current Covid-19 situation, here are some useful tips to help reduce your data usage:

Reducing your data storage
Reducing your data storage

1. Disable background app refresh

Apps are constantly running in the background even when you aren't using them. They automatically download updates and sync information. Automatic app refreshing uses up a lot of your mobile data which is why it is a great idea to disable this feature.

How to disable on an Android device: Head to Settings > Data Usage to view the statistics on what apps are using the most data. If any one of your apps is using too much and isnt necessary for your app to keep running, click the app and turn on the 'restrict app background' function. This will stop all background activity.

How to disable on an iPhone/iPad: Head to Settings>  General > Background App Refresh. Here you can turn off background activity for certain apps. You can also choose for your apps to only update when you are connected to WiFi.

2. Avoid desktop versions of sites on mobile devices

When browsing on your mobile web browser, stick to mobile version of the website. Mobile sites are optimised best for smaller sized screens. They wil not be bogged down by large files, clunky videos or incompatible Flash features.

3. Use Wifi wherever possible

When your phone is not connected to WiFi it will automatically use your own data.

To avoid using data when out and about, ensure you set up your device to your favourite WiFi hotspots so it automatically connects to them next time you are near.

4. Limit your use of streaming services

Streaming music and videos are the most data-hungry content, as well as high-quality images. Try to avoid these when you arent connected to WiFi and are using your own data allowance. You can opt to store videos and music content locally or download them so you can access them when not connected to WiFi.

Further hints and tips can be found here. (Panda Security)

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