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Jason Yan Zixiang LLB Law2016

Jason Yan Zixiang's Photo

Jason Yan is from Singapore and is studying LLB Law. He is the President of the Mooting Society and will graduate in 2016.

Further to my academic pursuits, the school has also helped to develop me holistically.

There were many influences that made me choose Southampton. The reputation of the University is certainly a factor. Also, many graduates have told me about how the University truly care for the students, proactively creating a great learning environment. This has helped me explore the possibilities and opportunities in studying at Southampton. The combination of my research and advice of many graduates helped solidify my decision. So far it has exceeded my expectations and I am grateful to be studying at Southampton.

Further to my academic pursuits, the school has also helped to develop me holistically. As the president of the Mooting Society, I pro-actively build new contacts and relationships with barristers, potential sponsors and mooting co-ordinators at other universities. These experiences have trained me to adapt swiftly to a fast-paced, non-static work environment and armed me with quick decision-making skills with good judgement, strong communication and teamwork, all under a great deal of pressure. They have built up my interpersonal skills, allowing me to connect with people from a breadth of cultural, ethnic and professional backgrounds.

I am conscious of the intensity and workload expected of a student; however do enjoy your freshers experience, as this is the best opportunity to try new things, meet new people and have fun!.

It is exciting to be actually studying at Southampton. The peace and serenity of Southampton, with a good mix of city convenience, makes it perfect for studying and a well-deserved night out as well.

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