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Mark Primrose Law LLB

Mark Primrose's Photo

I chose Southampton because it was the perfect mix of everything I was looking for. It had a great reputation and an air of prestige. It is, of course, a respected member of the Russell Group. The lecturers I met were inspiring and passionate about the subject. It also has an eminently friendly vibe. Everyone is happy to talk.

The Law Fair allowed me to meet various law firms and employers and gain an understanding of what they’re looking for.

In terms of opportunities I took up, I mooted, and won the Law Society Negotiation Competition. I also became the Social Secretary of the Law Society- arranging events and two balls for over 200 people. These events increased my confidence and organisational abilities.

In my third year I have enjoyed varied modules. I particularly loved David Gurnham’s module- ‘Sex and Violence in Law, Literature and Culture.’ It allowed me to explore my fascination with literature and cultural narratives, whilst exploring the law as well. The range it covers is amazing. This module and the skills it taught me in combining various areas of study will continue to help me in my career I’m sure.

Healthcare law was also fantastic. John Coggon allows each student to explore their interests as they wish, allowing the subject to be truly expansive.

In second year, after Christmas, we were encouraged to take up various opportunities during a two week skills building period. I went to court and watched proceedings and met various professionals and lawyers. This helped me hone in on what I was looking for in my career and my path in law. Various law firms visited and gave talks as well, helping me know where I want to go.

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