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Nirusitha Gnanenthra LLB Accelerated graduate programme

First year

Nirusitha Gnanenthra's Photo

Hi, I'm Nirusitha Gnanenthra and I studied LLB Accelerated graduate programme within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

Southampton Law School is a great, reputable school. If you enjoy, great weather, friendly people, delicious food, the field of law, and travelling – Southampton is the school to choose.

I wanted to study Law abroad as firstly, I love to travel. Secondly, I have a huge interest in law. When I was given the opportunity to do both, I could not say no. It is rare when an opportunity like this comes along. I believe that knowledge is power and the more educated I am on different governments, culture and people; the more versatile I am to employers.

One of the big reasons I chose the University of Southampton was because of where it was situated. Generally in England, the stereotype is that is always raining and cold – but I had heard amazing things about Southampton such as how it is a peaceful, quiet area with moderate weather. Furthermore, the fact that it was part of the Russell Group made my choice that much easier. When researching prospective schools, my main goal was to attend a school that had a good reputation in England and so far it has lived up to my expectations. The professors and tutorial assistants are tough – but I appreciate that simply because law school should be challenging.

The campus is beautiful. White cherry blossoms during the spring, café’s, spacious library, efficient bus service and the people are very friendly. Furthermore, the professors teach with enthusiasm and tutorial assistants are always there to provide you one-on-one help if anything becomes too difficult. If you need any career advice, Jan Steele is to the go to person. She is constantly updating you with career opportunities, skills workshop, volunteer positions and meet and greets. This is especially helpful for first years, as you will be exposed to different law firms in England.

I enjoy the moderate weather. In Canada, winters are incredibly painful. This year was a good change. I also enjoy the fact that I have all of Europe at my fingertips. Everything is accessible either through the train, plane or bus. You are given so many opportunities to travel. When can you actually say, you have been to Paris or Spain for the weekend? Or you can go explore the UK. Southampton has great little shops, ethnic restaurants, pubs and the scenery is just too beautiful.

Since I am in the accelerated program, I have the privilege of being surrounded by other Canadian students – so it was very easy to make friends. We are all here for the same purpose which allows us bond for mutual reasons. British students are extremely friendly as well and their accents are an exciting change.

I have not joined any sports team, but I have joined the gym closer to the city centre to keep active. It is very affordable and spacious. There are a lot of societies you can join, Law Society, Lawyers without Borders to name a few. There are also, mooting competitions, negotiation competitions and etc.– which I have had the pleasure of participating in and I would suggest future students to participate as well. Mooting allows you hone argumentative skills in the correct legal way, which will be important for the Legal Reasoning course in your first year as well as for the future, once you become a lawyer.

When I graduate I am planning to return back to Canada. That was my plan from the beginning as I am very close with my family and friends. I was also a practicing Paralegal In Canada and have made many connections prior to coming to England, which will hopefully benefit me as a new lawyer. If I didn’t miss my family so much, I would stay in England without a doubt.

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