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Thomas Webber LLB (Law) Alumnus and MPhil/PhD Law2008

Thomas Webber's Photo

Hi, I'm Thomas Webber and I studied LLB (Law) Alumnus and MPhil/PhD Law within Southampton Law School at the University of Southampton.

While at Southampton I have also been able to interact and debate with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints.

I originally studied my LLB (Law) degree at Southampton because of the University’s excellent reputation as a bastion of good, reliable and credible learning. When I visited I was also incredibly impressed at how friendly the students and staff were.

Although I did my LLM elsewhere, I returned to Southampton to do my PhD in Law because I realised that the staff here are very supportive and actively encourage you to share their passion for and knowledge of law. They want to help you become more than you already are and they inspire you to achieve your best.

Classes were enthused by the knowledge and expertise of world-leading academics at the cutting-edge of their fields. This meant you came out of classes inspired and with a unique understanding of the law you couldn’t get anywhere else.

During my LLB I learnt the foundations of law and was challenged to question the law. This gave me a strong foundation in the subject. So far I have found that the PhD programme is particularly strong and it is teaching me to question my own preconceived notions and to come up with principled theories and new ways of looking at things.

While at Southampton I have also been able to interact and debate with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints. I have joined the Debating Society and the Islamic Society and through these have met people outside of law and have broadened my outlook and put the law I am learning into real world context.

My original degree was funded through student loans but I have been lucky enough to secure an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) scholarship for my PhD. Despite the extra cost, postgraduate study is the best way to explore your specific area of interest in an in-depth manner gaining from the unique experience of world-class experts. It gives you the opportunity to challenge and be challenged in an open and constructive debate. It is definitely worth the money and more besides.

If you want to challenge the boundaries of your understanding in a supportive and caring environment and have fun at the same time, then Southampton is the place for you.

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