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The quality of mercy? Shakespeare and the law

Published: 19 February 2014

A National Teaching Fellow and former UK Law Teacher of the Year will consider links between scholarship in the Law and the humanities at a talk at the Southampton Law School on 19 March.

Professor Gary Watt from the University of Warwick has written about the law in the novels of Charles Dickens as well as more conventional works on Trusts and Equities. He is the co-founding editor of the journal Law and Humanities which was launched at an International Conference on Shakespeare and the Law at Warwick.

In a recent paper, Gary has reflected upon law and humanities scholarship around the subject of Shakespeare in particular. What forms does it take; can it take, should it take? Can lawyers cultivate other fields and be acculturated by them, or must lawyers be cast as mere visitors or (worse) as trespassers? What are the lessons for lawyers engaging with the humanities and for humanities scholars engaging with law?

His seminar is Interdisciplinarity: The Strange case of Shakespeare and the Law will be held in Building 4 (Law), Room 2055 (The Law Staff Common Room) at 4.00pm on Wednesday 19 March.

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