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"Bringing the academic study to life and discussing the cases with the judges was fantastic opportunity”. The Fulford Marshalling Scheme.

Published: 13 July 2016

Southampton Law School student Alex Hill has shared the experience of the Fulford Marshalling Scheme.

I met Lord Justice Fulford at the beginning of the week in his office at the Royal Courts of Justice. As Senior Presiding Judge, Lord Justice Fulford sits very rarely in the RCJ dedicating himself to his role as the warden of the presiding judges around the UK. He was very welcoming and took the time throughout the week to check on my progress.

Lord Justice Fulford arranged for me to sit with a range of judges throughout the week – each offering me a different perspective into the judicial process. I thank HHJ Sweeney, HHJ Topolski, HHJ Dingemans and Lord Justice Simon for being so accommodating to me throughout the week. Not only did they take time out of their busy schedules to provide me with comprehensive insight into their work, they allowed me to discuss my own areas of interest with them. Being a law student, it is easy to lose yourself in the theory but bringing the academic study to life and discussing the cases with the judges was fantastic opportunity.

My first few days were spent viewing a trial regarding torture allegations emanating from a foreign country. The combination of legal questions concerning evidence and appropriate jurisdiction, with the reality of conducting a trial containing extremely violent acts was unforgettable. I have a strong interest in international law, making this experience particularly invaluable. Moreover, the standard of advocacy I observed during my time at both the RCJ and the Old Bailey was exceptional, which made clear to me the skills required to be an effective barrister.

My lasting impression of the judges I met during this marshalling experience was of a group of highly professional, dedicated and compassionate individuals who retain a striking humility notwithstanding the importance of their role. I left with a sense of pride and faith in our justice system. I would like to extend my gratitude to Lord Justice Fulford for supporting this marshalling scheme, and I would advise any second year student to apply for this unique opportunity.

Alex Hill

This demonstrates the value of the Lord Justice Fulford marshalling scheme to our students. I thank again Lord Justice Fulford for his support for this scheme, and encourage our students to make the most of this opportunity and indeed the wide range of opportunities provided by Southampton Law School.

Dr Harry Annison - Southampton Law School
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