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First year Law students take on Team Challenge 2016

Published: 9 November 2016
Photo of the winners
Photo of the winners

On Wednesday 2nd November, Southampton Law School first year students faced their first team task; to interpret, research and present a pre-determined topic, presenting an engaging and well-structured debate to academic members of the Law School in no longer than 15 minutes.

Students participated according to their designated tutor groups and were given potentially contentious topics to discuss and debate, including issues such as “Should prisoners be able to vote”, “Should pre-nuptial agreements be enforceable as contracts?”, “”Twitter is dangerous”, “Should trading in human organs be permitted?”, and “Is squatting always wrong?”.

The presentation provided an opportunity for students to conduct legal research (including reading relevant cases, legislation and academic comment) and exercise oral presentation and team working skills, all vital components for legal studies.

Judging took place on the evening of Wednesday 2nd November before academic members of the Law School. The winning team (members), 9B, were Conal Killoran, Lillie Sutherland, Devonte Smith, Charlie Ponting, Kevin Loi-Heng and Lauren Serianni. They gave an impressive presentation, although the judges found that the high standards attained by every group created a close contest to find one overall winner. Dr Claire Lougarre, judging (the winning team), considered that they excelled in each of the required components – content, mode of presentation, group work and review.

The winning team was presented with their prize by Professor Brenda Hannigan, the newly appointed Head of School as part of the prize giving reception. The team thanked their PASS Mentor, Peter Gerbert, for the help, advice and encouragement he gave throughout.

A lively and friendly atmosphere ensured that a good evening was enjoyed by all the students and staff present.

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