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2018 Careers Programme

Published: 20 February 2018

The Law School’s unique annual Careers Programme took place from 15th – 19th January. The School welcomed speakers from an impressive range of legal and non-legal professions who delivered 28 sessions during the week-long Programme. These included barristers and solicitors from different practice areas, a Trade Mark Attorney, an Executive Compensation partner, a European Parliament Policy Adviser, a Law Commissioner and a speaker from the Prison Service. They represented global, national and regional law firms and Chambers as well as other organisations including the Government Legal Service, Southampton City Council, the Bank of England, British Gas and the Civil Service Fast Stream.

Many of the speakers are Alumni and the Law School is extremely grateful for the time and effort they devote to supporting our students who benefit greatly from the personal and professional advice they receive. The Programme also represents a great opportunity to network and build contacts which frequently lead to positive outcomes in work experience and job applications.

Feedback from the students was very positive.

"I most enjoyed the Government lawyers and trademark attorney lectures as they were unusual areas of law which I had not heard about before. I plan to research more into these areas and potentially apply for training contracts."

"Studying for an LLM was the best session I attended, because it's what I want to go on to do after graduating and this made my path clearer."

"I most benefitted from the ‘What Makes a First Class Corporate Lawyer’ and ‘Business Development Skills for Future Success’ because the speakers were inspiring, in that they held positions and were the type of person which I aspire to be. Also, they had entertaining anecdotes and the information presented seemed real-world applicable and not classroom-y."

"The Family Law session was really good as it allowed us to ask direct questions and see the true nature of the work from the perspective of both a barrister and a solicitor."

"I enjoyed every session. It was a great opportunity to decide whether to become a barrister or a solicitor. A great experience."

"My favourite sessions was ‘Working as a lawyer or barrister in criminal law’. The passion both professionals had was really inspiring. Helped understand the different roles and which would better suit me. Provided inside understanding of what the job entails."

"The Programme has encouraged me to investigate previously unknown career routes and potentially make applications. We are very lucky to have this kind of support at Southampton Law School."

And finally…

"I am so glad to be a University of Southampton student. It's a privilege to have such opportunities."

Speaker feedback

"The students were very good.  And prepared to interact which made for an easy presentation."  (Alan Corcoran, Partner, SHOOSMITHS LLP)

"We had a good turnout for the talk, and the questions we were asked showed that the students are engaged and interested in what we do." (Ben Dean, Senior Lawyer, Government Legal Service)

"Thank you ever so much for inviting me to talk during the Careers Programme - I am so pleased to hear that the students found the session beneficial and interesting. It was great being back at the university and I, equally, benefitted from the experience as it proved to be a fantastic public speaking development opportunity." (Colin Colas, Civil Service Fast Stream)

"Some of the students seemed especially keen and driven towards a career at The Bar, which is always great to see, and so I very much hope that they did get some useful information from the BPTC talk." (Lisi Ke, BPTC Tutor, University of Law)

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